Mars will live 80,000 colonizers?



SpaceX billionaire co-founder Elon Musk wants to help create a colony on Mars, which would have housed about 80,000 people. Musk expects the delivery of one of the colonizer to the Red Planet can be done for half a million dollars — at the expense of the traveler.

Home ambitious program of Mars settlement should put sending groups of less than 10 people, which would be delivered to the place of large reusable rocket that runs on liquid oxygen and methane. During a speech to the Royal Society in London aeronautical November 16 Musk said on the red planet can establish a self-sustaining civilization, which may eventually grow into something truly great.

Along with the first colonists on Mars should go to a lot of equipment — Machines for the production of fertilizers, as well as methane and oxygen from atmospheric nitrogen, carbon dioxide and ground ice. In addition, the founders of human civilization will take building materials for the construction of transparent domes. They will seal, and beneath the earth will grow crops on the Martian soil.

The billionaire said that, in his opinion, the project does not provide for the use of space stations Cycler, because they require a significant amount that will not help the cheapness. Would not apply and the transport ship Dragon — only used cargo spacecraft capable of returning to Earth. On the question whether the delivery is done in large reusable rocket bearing the code name MCT (from Mass Cargo Transport or Mars Colony Transport), which allegedly developing engineers SpaceX, Musk said, "Maybe."

A colony on Mars — not just a research project. Half a million dollars — the price "ticket" to one side. The colonization of the planet, on the idea of mask should be a joint venture between government and private investors. According to estimates, by the time the creation of the colony will be possible on Earth will live about 8 billion people, and one of the 100,000 will be ready to go to the Red Planet and will be able to afford it. The total project cost is equal to 36 billion dollars, Musk considers acceptable. It is easy to calculate that the profits from ticket sales should reach 4 billion.

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