Megashtorm flood California


According to Reuters, heavy rains and winds of up to 80 miles per hour will determine the weather in the mountains of California and in coastal areas when the storm rolled forward on the west coast of the U.S. this weekend, triggering mudslides and floods.

Reported strong winds have been issued for northern and central California, and transportation officials have warned that cars and trailers skemperami not cross the bridges, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

"Meteorologists tell us that the system of the storm" is developing rapidly, and that it will be very humid in the next few days, "said Mark Gilarduchchi, secretary of the Office of Emergency Management of California, said in a statement.

Part of California can collect up to 14 inches of rain, officials said, adding that extreme weather conditions are likely to lead to mud and debris flows in some areas.

Officials also warned of possible blackouts.

Forecasters also remember 1861, when the region of the Central Valley in California has covered a terrible cataclysm was going to rain for 43 days. Entire communities were swept away, and thousands of people were killed. Events resembled the biblical flood.

If something like this happens today, the victims will be much greater than in 1861, today in the Central Valley population of 6 million people.

Could it happen again?



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