Members of the public paid tribute to the victims of Stalinism

The representatives of the democratic public memorial held in Minsk share.

Action initiated by the organizing committee to create a solidarity movement "Together" and members of the international cultural and educational, charitable and human rights organization "Memorial", was carried out along the route: Calvary Cemetery — Tivali — Loshitsa — Blagovschina — Military Cemetery — Park Chelyuskintsev — Kurapaty, BelaPAN.

It was held on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism, which representatives of the Belarusian democratic society celebrate on October 29.

The action under white-red-white flag was attended by over 20 people, including representatives of the democratic community and former prisoners of the Gulag.

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Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian intelligentsia Vladimir Kolos said the repressions of the 1930s as "immoral and horrible genocide against the Belarusian and other people who had the misfortune to enter the Soviet Union." On He said, as in Belarus on an official level is not given a proper assessment of massive repression, and hide the facts of the crime, there is the threat of a repetition of the tragedy.

"My great-grandfather died of repression, and still do not know the place of his burial, and his father at the age of one he was sent the young mother and father for having this peasant family was able to work well and earned an honest living on a piece of bread, "- said Spike. He believes that we can not allow "romanticizing torturers and criminals" as well as the existence of a state ideology based on violence and propaganda of lies. "

According to screenwriter Vladimir Khalip, Genocide Belarusians in 1930 indicates that deliberately compiled lists of the most prominent representatives of the Belarusian intelligentsia, who were then deliberately destroyed:

"Once the poet Sergei Grakhovo, gulag survivor, told me that during the interrogation the investigator, brought on a bloody tour to Belarus from Russia, offered to release arrested for five names he called smart Belarusians. The executioners sought to destroy intelligent, so that only dark region in enslaved. "

Khalip believes that the Belarusians should not forget to take care of that and subsequent generations remember what people can do with aliens.


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