MHP agricultural holding in the II quarter. increased chicken production by 21%

Agricultural holding "MHP" (MHP) in the second quarter of 2013 increased poultry production by 21% over the same period in 2012 — up to 121.17 thousand tons due to increasing production at Vinnytsia poultry.


As they say in the stock company reported on Tuesday, as a whole for the first half of chicken production has increased by 18% — to 190.18 thousand tons. MHP indicates that sales of these products to external customers in the second quarter increased by 18% — to 113.8 thousand tons, and for the half year — by 13% to 205.3 thousand tons. MHP stresses that the continuation of the trend of the first quarter, exports of chicken tripled in the second quarter and reached 31.55 million tons, allowing up to six months to increase their nearly tripled — to 54.75 million tons. At the same time, the price of chicken dropped in the second quarter by 7% — to UAH 16.2 per kg (excluding VAT), and in general in the first half — by 5% to Rs 16.26 per kg. The company attributed the growth of exports of such indicators, which comes frozen products, which are cheaper than fresh. MHP also reports that due to the increased production of feed for poultry Vinnytsia sunflower oil sales in the second quarter increased by 26% — to 61.85 million tons, and for the half year — by 17%, to 111.16 thousand tons. Price for this production has remained relatively stable: in the second quarter of 2013 decreased by 3% for the second quarter of 2012 — up to $ 1,097 per ton, but in general, for the six months increased by 1% — up to $ 1,120 per ton. In addition, the agricultural holding indicates that through a series of acquisitions of its land bank has increased this year by 35 thousand hectares in Ukraine and 40 hectares in Russia. The company currently handles about 360 thousand hectares of land under cultivation of crops which allocated 290 hectares in Ukraine and 40 hectares in Russia. MHP said that due to favorable weather conditions in Ukraine expects higher than last year, the yield of all crops, and the current crop already started harvesting confirms this. Agricultural Holding also said that sales of sausages and meat products in the second quarter decreased by 3% — to 8.77 million tons for the first half — 2%, to 16.11 million tons with an increase in their prices by 5% — respectively to 23 14 USD per kg (excluding VAT) and Rs 22.86 per kg (excluding VAT). The financial results for the first six months the company will announce the August 29, 2013. "MHP" is the largest producer of chicken meat in Ukraine. Is also engaged in the production of cereals, sunflower oil and other food products. Agricultural holding up to 2012 had a net profit of $ 311 million, or 20% more than in 2011. Its revenue increased by 15% — to $ 1.408 billion

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