Mi-8 began to extinguish wildfires in the Rostov region

Mi-8 helicopter belonging to Russian Emergencies Ministry, on Wednesday morning, joined the fighting major wildfires in Oblivskaya district of Rostov region, told RIA Novosti the GUMCHS Abramchenko Marina.

Notice of grass fires and forest plantations near the village of Pine arrived at the remote duty at 17.20 MSK Tuesday. After some time, the area of fire increased to 50 hectares, there was a threat of local forest fires. At 22.37 the fire was localized to the area of 95 hectares, of which 22 are forest plantations.

"Today, at 6.00 MSK to smoldering hotbeds started pouring Mi-8 helicopter, which has already produced 15 releases — about 45 tons of water," — said the interviewee. She said that in addition to the helicopter involved in putting 496 people and 76 vehicles. At 8:00 MSK to the fire flew An-3.

At the end of July last year in Oblivskaya district suffered a major forest fire. Mixed forest burned for more than four days. Area, destroyed by fire, was about 1.4 hectares. Local forestry officer was killed, another was wounded.

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