Mikhalevich in Vitebsk collected signatures and laid flowers

The presidential candidate came to picket near the shopping center "Continent", where, for his nomination activists collected signatures Vitebsk.

Residents of Vitebsk pay attention on the white-red-white flag that flew on the picket line, and members of the initiative group of curious passers-by were the applicant to participate in the presidential elections.

Initially located next to and on the picket petition for the nomination of Alexander Lukashenko, but soon disappeared. Visitors to the shopping center periodically approached the group Ales Mikhalevich, some immediately put signatures, others asked questions about the program of the candidate, asked what changes in Belarus it offers.

Over time learned, that in the "Continent" sudden power outage, and customers asked to leave the mall. Supporters of Ales Mikhalevich expressed the view that these are the steps the administration or someone's order to make the people on the picket line was less.

After staying with signature collectors for several hours, Mikhalevich left the monument to Vladimir Korotkevich and the memorial plaque Vasil Bykov, to lay flowers.

On the picket near the "Continent".

Attracted the attention of passers-white-red-White Flag.


Mikhalevich the monument Korotkevich.

White and red flowers — Vasil Bykov.


Elections 2010

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