Milinkevich collecting signatures for Kastusiou

About two hours Milinkevich spent on the picket line at petition for the applicant to participate in the presidential chose Gregory Kastusiou — talked about the candidate from the BPF and answering questions from passers-by, why he refused to run.

Pickets action groups Gregory Kastusiou and Vitaly Rymashevsky on Lenin Street in Vitebsk stand together, both — white-red-white flags. Flags attract attention from a distance, and drew closer, many passers-by recognized Milinkevich.

On the question of why he did not want to run, and why he went to work in the initiative group of the candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, Milinkevich posted this:

"Gregory Kastusyou — this is a new name in Belarusian politics, and I believe that it would be a good Head of State, as has management experience, and plans for the necessary adjustments, and patriotism, a willingness to work for Belarus. As for me, I could still take part in the presidential election — if they will be free to our country. And we will get there, I believe it! "

After a rally in Vitebsk Milinkevich met with voters in Novopolotsk. "About a crowd gathered politics, people have been asking a lot of questions and views to sign," — said Vladimir Kuncevich, Novopolotsk member of the initiative group of Gregory Kastusiou.

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