Ministry of Natural Resources expects to accept FTP on environmental safety in 2013

 MEP expects adoption of the federal target program (FTP) for environmental safety in Russia for the disposal of waste left over from the Soviet Union, said Thursday the Minister of Natural Resources Sergei Donskoy at the Cabinet meeting.

"Next year, we look forward to the adoption of the Federal Program" Environmental Security "in the case of the allocation of funds for its implementation, we plan to begin a large-scale liquidation of past environmental damage, the legacy of the Soviet period," — said Don, representing the state program "Environment 2012 — 2020 years. "

According to the Minister, the Soviet times has accumulated more than 30 billion tons of waste.

"The level of recycling is still very low. For example, we can say that in Russia the level of recycling of solid waste in terms of barely 10%, in other countries the figure is four times," — said Don.

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