Modern slaves of capitalism

1. The modern slave forced to work without stopping to death because funds earned a slave for 1 month, enough to pay for housing for 1 month, 1 month in food and travel for 1 month. Since there is enough money in the modern slave always in the best case for one month, the modern slave forced to work your whole life to death. The pension for a slave is a fiction, because it absolutely is not enough to live.

2. The second mechanism hidden coercion of slaves to work is to create artificial demand for unnecessary goods, which are imposed on the slave using TV advertising, public relations, fashion, prestige, etc. The modern office is involved in an endless race for the "novelties" and, therefore, have to continue to work. 3. Third hidden mechanisms of economic coercion modern slaves is a credit system, through which modern slaves more and more drawn into bondage through the mechanism of credit interest on loans.

Every day should be a modern office, more and more, because in order to pay off a loan, the slave takes a new loan, thus creating a pyramid indefinitely. Debt, constantly hanging over modern slave, well stimulates him to work even for little pay, making it more pliable and compliant, does not permit to protest at the arrogant oppression slaveholder.

4. The fourth mechanism of modern slaves get to work on a hidden slave is the myth of the state. Modern office says that he works for the state, which likewise reflects the interests of all people. But in fact, a slave working on the structure, representing only the interests of the slave-owners — in a sort of committee for managing the affairs of the slave-owners, for slave state just to exist, to ensure that the slave owners profit, squeezing it out of the slaves. Products made a slave, money, they earned and taken away by the slave owners and the state in the form of payment for the required slave goods and services, in the form of taxes and fees, comes back into the pocket of the slave owners. The notion of a "state" is replaced by the myth of the "state for all" and is used to cloud minds slaves to slaves did not ask too many questions like why slaves work all my life and always remain poor? who exactly are the money paid slaves in taxes, fees, fines and payments?

5. Fifth mechanism hidden coercion of slaves is the mechanism of inflation and periodic crises in which the slaves always lose more than a slave. Rising prices in the absence of wage slave provides discreet covert heist slaves. In a crisis it becomes outright robbery — slaves just threw out into the street, leaving without any means of subsistence. Thus, the modern slave impoverished more and more.

6. Sixth hidden mechanism to force a slave to work for free is a method to deprive a slave of relocation and purchase of real estate in another city. This mechanism forces the modern slaves to work in the only company in the city and put up the most onerous conditions, as other work in the slave is simply no escape, and slaves were not for that and nowhere.

7. Seventh mechanism for encouraging them to work for free a slave, is the withholding of information about the real value of slave labor, the real value of the goods, which made a slave of that portion of the earned slave who takes the slave owner, using his right of private property.

8. Eighth mechanism hidden compulsion to slave labor, is a special ideology, through which specially purchased slaveholder people often have high academic degrees, inspire servant that he is not a slave, but it works only because he wants it ("it's your choice! "). Intelligent slaves realize that not work for slave they can not — then they will die of hunger, and no choice is actually not a slave. Stupid slaves do not even understand this and boasted of their slavery.

9. Ninth mechanism for encouraging them to work for slave meekly slaveholders, is a religion that convinces the slave that a good human life at the fair will be a servant in heaven after death, but on condition that the land now have to stay a slave and decently suffer. Religion teaches servant not to resist oppression and to be satisfied with their slavery.

Do you still think that you are free?

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