Moorish lawn care

Moorish lawn, unlike ordinary grass, is a mix of grasses and flowering plants, which gives the lawn a special charm. These decorative lawns were especially popular in the Middle Ages, because they were worthy of framing buildings and palaces. In our time, this trend comes back as more and more people are choosing small "pieces of wild meadows" to decorate their homes and land. This lawn is unpretentious enough, can grow in any soil, does not require frequent care, but to make sure that the plants have enough sunlight.

Lawn care in the first year after planting

The first mowing of grass on the lawn Moorish produce in the first year of planting in May. This must be done prior to the publication of the first shoots of flowers. The purpose of cutting — to enable colors to germinate. The fact that the herbs are growing much faster than the flowering plants. Because of this, if time does not make mowing, grass simply will not give flowering plants to climb. If the lawn was planted in the spring, the perennial flowering plants in the first year develop a root system, so it will bloom until the following season. If the lawn planted in the autumn, it may bloom in summer.

Another lawn mowing should be performed after the faded autumn plants. Note, however, that in the period of flowering plants such shed seeds. In order to plant the seeds take root and ascended to the next year, do not remove grass clippings from the lawn for a few days.

How to care for the Moorish lawn in the next few years?

Mowing turf grass should be done twice a year. The first time — in June or July, when they finished blooming spring plants. The second mowing produce autumn, in September or October, after the end of autumn flowering plants. Mowing height should be no more than 8 inches.

Weeding, fertilizing and watering the lawn Moorish

Typically Moorish lawn weed by hand. As for watering, it should be done in the morning or evening, and during hot weather to make sure that the soil does not dry out. Also, do not forget to carry out timely fertilizer plant fertilizers. This will ensure good growth and youthful appearance of your lawn.

In addition, experts recommend to avoid walking on the lawn of the Moorish pets.

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