Myron: The slogan just not very dangerous Lukashenko

In the evening, in Vitebsk appeared white-red-white flag with a note attached to it.

The flag was hung in the streets of Gorky's heating pipes. According to opposition Boris Khamaida, the emergence of a national symbol is not accidental: just today ended campaign petition for the nomination of candidates for president. So Myron posted a flag, attach a note to it with a call to boycott the elections.

Khamaida cited for "Freedom" contents of the note, explaining that he knew him from trusted sources, "Today, the slogan" just not to Lukashenko "very dangerous. Under certain circumstances, we may lose our country. This is not abstract theory, and the logic of possible developments. Homeland for us — everything, and without it we are — nothing. So — just boycott! We need time in order that a nation. We are already at the turn of 20-year-old independent existence. Long live Belarus! He lives forever! Miron ".


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