Mysteries of the Altai

Inscrutable are the ways of the Lord. You never know when and where to throw you intrigante fate. And she, temptress, offers a variety of vital roads, twists and turns at times depend on overheard phrases and sentences. So I do not think that in March 2009, I will offer a trip to the Altai. However, it appear when someone next to me directly related to the southernmost continent, without a twinge of conscience, and not really something thinking, I'd go even in Antarctica, which he tried to capture their respects penguin. And when in Novosibirsk from Andreitch geologist, departed from the train, I heard that in his expeditions, he first sought a "river wider and taller mountain," that could not help thinking that, perhaps, and he fashioned from the same test people who follow a dream, money and convenience there are secondary, fog Give us, but so more!

Although my trip could be more fruitful, but it did take place, and impressions and information accumulated at least one more chapter. Especially because I was in the Altai Mountains, and it is known to be the highest part of the vast mountainous country in southern Siberia, and many researchers considered the cradle of the world. In many epics describe its historical, sacred destiny. In addition, the Altaic language group, according to official data of more than 100 languages of the peoples living in different continents of the world, considering the Altai their historic homeland. These include Finno-Ugric, Samoyed, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean and many other nations.

In his book "Slavic gods and the birth of Russia" Alexander Aces wrote: "According to Russian tradition, the Altai — this is the golden mountains, the eastern boundary of the Great ancestral Slavs — Seven Rivers. Altai — a sacred Alatyr before the throne of God. This Goldenland and other Belogorye, since over the Altai mountains soars majestic Saint, Gold and white mountain, known as white whales. And this mountain is mysteriously connected to all the mountains of the world.

Truly Altai — the middle of the world. In Altai converged great nations, races, Indo-Iranians, Turks, Slavs, Mongols, the Chinese. Altai is located at the heart of three great ancient cultures of Eurasia: Vedic, Buddhist, Taoist. With Altai came down and went to many peoples of Eurasia. And it is here that we find the single barrel, which branched off from the Turks and the Indo-Europeans, including the ancestors of the Slavs. Here, the memory of the relationship of the Slavs and Turks still alive to this day. Enough to compare the Russian epic with epic tales of local Turkic peoples. They complement each other. And go back to the times of these legends (III — I century BC), when lived in the Altai Scythian, Saka and Sarmatian tribes, koi recognized ancestors of many of the Turkic and Slavic birth. Altai legends back to a single source of the legends of the Slavs — The Golden Book of the omniscient. Its the Slavs called the Golden Book of the Vedas. And it is in this book, keep the main tale of Altai: the phenomenon of life and Veles, in no later seen and Buddha Maitreya, and the White Burhan, and Cesar and many Messiahs. Slavic Veles, like all the other deities, enlightenment found in the Altai Mountains.

Mysteries of the AltaiFrom the ancient ancestors of the Altai expired labor Slavs, the German-Scandinavian, Celtic-Volkhov and others … "

Until recently, Altai, regarded as the ancestral home of many nations, kept myself almost in its original form, which was possible due to the traditional world view of the indigenous people, the basis of which, according to Ene yyyk CAMAC Koboko soaktu Syyna Tyrysova lie cosmogenesis academic knowledge, and geogeneze ethnogenesis, which are impregnated love natives to deify Altai — the heart of Mother Earth, as to the creation of higher powers — Altai-where. The whole way of life is interconnected with the Altai biological and physical processes that occur in nature. It is the highest pantheon of gods spirit eezi Altai — the owner of the Altai, who directs the spirits of rivers, mountains, forests, animals, minerals, vegetation. And for the conservation of a single ecosystem, the harmonious development of man, together with the evolution of the nature of each Altai through its genetic basis — sookrod associated with Altai. All tribal division Altai directly connected with the cult of the sacred mountain, and the mountain is considered the spiritual patron of a clan or tribe. Each kind has its own tribal sacred mountain-yyyk tuu. With it, a person must apply via the highly regimented ceremony. This system of rites, opening access to nature, to some extent and allow human activity to themselves. Each kind of relationship with the sacred Altai yyyk tuu reveals genetic link person with the historical land as the primary source of life. The genetic relationship between man and the earth, providing spiritual and psycho-physiological development of man, keeps the harmony in nature. Therefore, the cult of the sacred yyyk Tuu is a source of evolution Altai, a condition of its harmonic development in relation to the sacred object yyyk Tuu, the kind that is associated with this mountain, doomed to degradation and extinction. Yyyk Tuu family, and as a whole and the people.

According to unofficial data, every year in the Republic of Altai break from 800,000 to a million tourists who come here from different parts of Russia and CIS countries. And as claimed Syyna Tyrysova amongst the beauties of nature and visiting Altai cultural and historical sites and sacred places, many of the guests do not think about the fact that they intentionally or unintentionally invade thin worlds Altai guarded natives. So, in order to preserve the nature of Gorny Altai Republic was developed privacy sacred places of Altai, based on traditional world of the indigenous people of the Republic of Altai Altai Altai jan, which defines its relationship to nature as a sacred object of worship, historical object of spiritual worship, sacred place — the abode God — Altai Kudai. And this provision, opening the spiritual meaning of Altai for planet Earth global community, is a guide to the development of state of the strategic program ethnic tourism in the Altai. Although, judging by some recent events that occurred in February in the Altai and in May in the Baikal National Park, which resulted in a helicopter crash killed high-ranking officials, laws, provisions such as sacred places of Altai Altai necessary first of all to protect people from themselves, for it seems that the very nature of self-defense arises from poachers and punishes them ruthless hand of attempt on the life of our smaller brethren. In the Altai, if you remember, was recorded unsuccessful hunt for a senior official, argali mountain sheep, and Baikal witnessed hunt bears. It seems, indeed gods spirits came to the defense of their "subjects" of the barbaric destruction of their two-legged savages in human form …

In addition to the sacred mountains yyyk tuu in Altai is the shrine of the whole people — Mount Uch Sumer, in the modern Russian language called beluga. Russian scientist-philosopher Nikolai Fedorov in his book "The Philosophy of the common cause" one of the centers of world civilizations singled universal polar Mount Meru as the axis of the world. "Mount Meru was considered the central point of infinite space, as the world around her axis rotates the constellation Ursa Major, the sun, moon, planets, and a host of stars" — wrote in his book "Secrets of the Russian people," VN Demin.

Mysteries of the AltaiIn the ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata" describes the universal symbol of pre-Indo-and Indo-Aryan peoples — Mount Meru. Preserved ancient Indian map, dated IItys. BC, pointing to the axis of the Earth — Mount Meru, which is located to the north of India, from which the radius of an equilateral splashing four world ocean. In his book "The Turks and the world. The modern history of "known expert said Murad Adji said that all the planets make a full turn rotation of Altai. And, according to many researchers, but the Altai year round you can see the Big Dipper. In the Indian epic "Mahabharata" and "Ramayana" describes the arrival of their ancestors Saks from the north, where the Big Dipper show them the way to the south. Different people called Altai translate differently. In this Altaic Geon translates Ala universe, Tai-Hold. Altai — it means a stronghold of the universe.

Like some of the researchers whom bribed Altaic theory about Altai as the cradle of mankind, Syyna Tyrysova, convinced that Mount Meru — this is the sacred mountain of Uch Sumer (Beluga).

Meru — is the axis of the Earth, the center of the World, which is referred to the ancient sources. Altai with quivering delight Belukha mountain called Uch Sumer. (Henceforth, we will not question this view, although there are other opinions on the location of Mount Meru, and a very large part of her research has at the North Pole).

Uch Sumer worshiped here as the holy abode of deities eezi Altai (the owner of the Altai — the supreme spirit of the median of the world). Is Mount Meru on the Katun Range, from her back takes a fast and capricious river Katun, which merge with the Biya forms great Russian river Ob. The origin of this hydronym Sergey Alexeev, for example, sees the word "Oblomov", which means "surface." It seems to me that the option of decoding the names of the Ob River is more straightforward: Biya and Katun River during the merge form one powerful stream and simultaneously become a kind of two rivers along the same lines — Both (Ob).

The sacred mountain of Uch-Sumer (Beluga)

Mount Meru (Uch Sumer — Belukha) removed approximately the same distance from the four oceans — the Pacific, the Altai, the Arctic and the Indian. Thus, it appears that the mountain — it's central vertex site of the giant continent Eurasia. On the slopes and in the valleys of the array are known 169 glaciers with a total area of 150 square kilometers. Altai believe that all spirits mountains Earth reverence Master Altai owning the divine force that defends and protects the people.

Uch Sumer and other sacred mountains of Altai serve as places of worship, as altars, shrines, churches, datsans, synagogues, mosques and churches of believers of other faiths and religions. "The high snow-capped mountains — wrote researcher Vladimir Sapozhnikov — are the subject of the sacred in Altai worship, none of them on pain of death not dare go back to them." Belugas in Altai charm even more: "We have to look closely and it should not be", — said one old man from the village at the top of the Black Borelli "… Many Altai-hunters know great mountain trails to the snowy mountain passes, including, but at the base of the protected mountains, they give the general name Yyyk their mission ends. Generic Yyyk Altai mountains are for the site of contact with the ancestors, because it was originally a place of their occurrence. Each clan has its ancestral mountain — Yyyk. Life is kind, and in general, and the people dependent on these mountains. Yyyk mountains unite around rivers, lakes, valleys, which are included among the holy places. Perhaps this is why in ancient Altai epic, modern scientific and journalistic works of different people are called Garden of Eden, Shambhala, Agartha, Eden, Belovod …

In his book "Slavic gods and the birth of Russia" Alexander Aces Mountains of Altai mountains Alatyrskij called "Alatyr not only mountain or stone — is a sacred center of the world, they were called the Altai Mountains." Particularly revered in the Altai Mountain Uch-Sumer energy associated with the same sacred mountains of the world. Kailash and Badrinath peaks revered by Hindus and Buddhists, Sinai and Tabor — Jews, Muslims and Christians, Taishan, Vutayshan and Emeishan — Chinese, Tongariro — New Zealanders, Olympus and Parnassus — the Greeks, the Navajo and Paha-Sapa — Indians. You can enumerate a long list of mountains of the planet associated with the Uch-Sumer. So many people think the world's people, including the nature of the gene pool and the keepers, the descendants of the blue wolf foremothers Altai — Altai. In any case, Altai think so, because the totem of the Altai people is precisely the blue wolf.

Mysteries of the AltaiSacred mountains (Yyyk) Altai Mountains are considered Abakaan, Chaptykaan, Babyrkaan, Adakaan, Ejekaan, Kokkaan, Sarykaan. They find peace in the Altai and honored blood genera-Cook, alpine highlands with a powerful energy — arkaktar (ridges) Katun, South Chu, North Chu with altitude 3000-4500 meters, Kuraiskiy, Tabyn-Bogda Ola Aygulaksky, Saljarsky, Terektinsky, Korgon, Sebinsky, Sumultineksky, Kalzunsky, Kamersky, spanning the Altai with four sides are covered with glaciers in 1330 with a total area of 890 square kilometers. These glaciers contains 52 cubic kilometers of fresh water.

Altai believe that further "action" Uch-Sumer and other mountains of Altai depend primarily on the attitudes of people. If a person worships them, they return to him in exchange positive energy. If a person is barbaric to the mountains, the mountains, like a mirror, reflecting its negative energy. I was told the Altai people, (not from the Altai), which not everyone can rise to some of the vertices. If a person has dark thoughts, as if some force begins to hinder his ascent to the mountain: a man stumbles, falls — a mountain spirit or if warning him, so he left the venture with the rise as long as human minds are purified.

Unfortunately, modern human society in the pursuit of fun and profit, often encroach desecrate the sacred mountain of the world. In 1990, an international plan for the building boom has caused the cable car to Mount Sinai, and the opening of a night club on the top of a kind of organized tourism. People from all over the world expressed their outrage, considering it is improper operation and the revelation of the mountain, which is the first character of the testimony, and the epic values of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. As a result, the Egyptian government has canceled plans for unbridled exploitation of the shrine. Similar examples of the struggle for the holy mountain were recorded in Nepal, India, Sikkim, Greece, where the people were against mass commercial mountaineering and tourism.

Altai, and not only they, believe Altai eternal mainland. Supporters of this idea suggest that when coming out of the world's oceans as a result of a planetary explosion born our Earth. Therefore, all the parts of her body were scattered, and only the eternal continent — Altai (Khanka, Gobi, Mongolian, Tibetan, Ore, Steppe, Kemerovo, Abakan, Tuvimsky) remained in place. And as claimed Syyna Tyrysova, lectured on "The Thin worlds Altai" in the printing Gorno-Altai, Altai — the heart of our planet, its large laboratory, it has nine climatic zones. Even from the tropics. In the sense of natural wonders and I was able to see when in the Ust-Sema on the Katun turned to one local woman from Gorno-Altai asking announce the name of beautiful yellow flowers. She replied that she does not know, he says, in recent years, the climate here has become warmer, and the Altai appeared over two hundred names of flora and fauna. Say, was not there before hedgehogs — appeared. Kazakhstan began to creep out of a cobra. In the evening, I found an even greater miracle: the Ob was caught piranha, which is found only in South America. But then, of course, for the basic version can take fad new Russian, who recently took over the fashion house hold all kinds of exotic animals. Like, one of them has played enough with exotic fish and piranhas released into the waters of the river Ob. And if such a miracle bloodthirsty released not one ton? But who knows, time will tell where it came from this transatlantic fish, snap off pieces of raw flesh from the bodies of their victims.

Mongolian Altai Syyna Tyrysova (by the way, in the Altai it is known and revered as shamaness and highly respected both for her knowledge, and for the fact that she is one of the few fast is there to protect the nature of the Altai Territory), called Altai Kany, which means navel of the earth. In her opinion, and, perhaps, and not only for her to one, the spirit enters into a man and comes out of it is through the umbilical cord. If around navel after death there is no black in three days, so people can still revive …

Many Altai, I mean not only the Altai by nationality, but all the people living here a long time ago, I was repeatedly in interviews noticed that in recent years more and more added to the population here. It's true. Anyone who has ever visited this wonderful place again and again wants to return. Manzherok, where I spent two months, was chosen by many of Novosibirsk, Moscow and … even the British. And me after class Syyny Tyrysovoy, remarkable patriot of his land, involuntarily came to mind the question as now, many people in the world waiting for something, and they expect to either start, or end, then does not that mean that at the present time, Altai of the people to elect to overnight it, going through reversal of the planet, will then be here again to spread to new lands, creating new nationality or race of people, if you can not keep the old? Who knows, who knows? While the puzzles more than we are able to find clear answers to them …

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