Mysterious flash and noise excite the minds

March 26, 2012 15:55

In the last six months in different parts of the world, including the United States and Russia, have been reported strange glow inexplicable nature. Outbreaks caused media interest and research, adding to the list of unexplained phenomena, such as the mysterious "sounds of the Apocalypse." Ufologists connect them with UFOs, and conspiracy theorists — with the test secret weapon. Who is right?

In August 2011, at the Antarctic station Neumayer night vision camera has recorded several flashes of light, which followed one after another. Logical explanation to them was not. Anomalies have been repeatedly observed in this station: for example, most recently, in January 2012, it was seen on an unidentified flying object.

And in February, a similar phenomenon took place in St. Petersburg. Glow, caused slight panic in the population, fell into the lens avtoregistrator. Some citizens have decided that aliens have invaded us, others — that tested an unknown weapon. True, St. Petersburg communal said that the blame failure on one of the substations due to excessive load on the network in the cold days.

In early March, the city of Phoenix in the U.S. state of Arizona surveillance camera also "catch" a strange glow on the horizon. Television journalists dubbed the phenomenon "mysterious explosion of white light."
One version of the incident in Phoenix was an explosion at a local transformer station. However, local public utilities stated that they did not explode. While there was no other versions, ufologists vengeance dreams about the UFO crash.

With the "alien activity" link and mysterious noises, which recently and then the eyewitnesses and the press. They say that they sometimes resemble an animal growl, sometimes — the noise of working mechanisms. Some have dubbed this phenomenon "the sounds of the Apocalypse" and believes that they portend the imminent end of the world.

It all started with the so-called "taosskogo noise" wafting from the desert, who for many years to hear the inhabitants of the town of Taos in the U.S. state of New Mexico. Its source was not installed. And in August of last year in several areas of Kiev heard unexplained sound like the roar of the pipes. Emergency Situations Ministry, rather than an explanation, suggested that there are involved … UFO!

January 16, 2012 in the skies over the Bay of Baku observed object resembling a classic "flying saucer", the left of which was a semi-ring-shaped object. Both are well marked with increasing computer image. Azerbaijani researcher esoteric Vagif Alakbarov hypothesized that this phenomenon was the source of the sounds of unknown origin, which have recently heard in Baku as well as earthquake precursors in Astara on February 4.

Hum of unknown origin was heard in late February in Berezniki near Perm. Almost simultaneously, seismologists have recorded three small tremors. The most likely cause of this phenomenon is considered ammunition disposal in Udmurtia, but some media put forward the version of the fall of the Perm region in the north of the rocket or satellite. All the more so in this period over the north-western part of the region are actively flying jet aircraft while on the road saw a military armored vehicle.

The assumption was made about the crash in the area of UFOs. True, the head of the local UFO organization Nikolay Subbotin denied this version is quite tempting. "I am inclined to explain this event rational reasons," — he said.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses around the world say that strange noises are often accompanied by tremors. For example, residents of Northumberland, Tyne and Weir were reported in the British Geological Survey of low-frequency rumble, which shook the building.

"So, UFOs or aware of future earthquakes or themselves produce them," — says the researcher.

But should we blame everything on aliens? Indeed, while we do not know anything about the nature of unidentified flying objects, or their relationship with extraterrestrial intelligence. So let's not jump to conclusions.

Margarita Trinity

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