Mystery of the curse Tsemess Bay

September 10, 2012 11:53

For the first time on a "mysterious bay" in the shape of a horseshoe Russian heard from the Turks, who lived in the castle Sudzhuk Calais, is located on the site of today's Novorossiisk.

The notoriety did not frighten the Russian sailors
The whole world knows about the Bermuda Triangle — "black spots" in the Atlantic Ocean, where they regularly occur mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft. But few know that this anomaly exists in Russia, on the Black Sea.
The Port — the largest in Russia, moor here every day dozens of ships, large and small ships scurry on Tsemess Bay, travelers and sailors, it seems, hundreds of times in and out of the bay on vessels of different size and prestige. It even held sailing regatta. Life boils.

But from time to time in the Bay wakes something that makes the city to lose another ship, its crew and passengers.
The notoriety Tsemesskaya bay for centuries dominates the minds of locals and seasoned sailors, whom fate brings in these parts.

For the first time on a "mysterious bay" in the shape of a horseshoe Russian heard from the Turks, who lived in the castle Sudzhuk Calais, is located on the site of today's Novorossiisk. Boats militant Janissaries drowned in the bay, as if someone with a furious force pulling them down.
In broad daylight and without the slightest hint of wind or storm. Sometimes, that suddenly went under water expert swimmer, decided to swim away from the shore.
According to legend, it was here went for the golden fleece of Odysseus, here performed the labors of Hercules, and there was a Prometheus chained to a rock. Do you remember the myth of the island of the sirens that his marvelous singing seemed to go crazy brave sailors and ships in the end with people drowned?
In one version of modern scholars, the "island" located somewhere in the area of present Novorossiysk.
Can curse Tsemesskaya bay and ancient siren somehow connected?
It is noteworthy that the shipwreck itself, in all cases, without exception, occurred within minutes. Regardless of the size of the vessel in distress.
However, the Russian, who decided to place in the solar and apparent calm bay, these stories are not scary. And in the end there was a base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. Too were suitable geographical position Tsemess Bay and local weather conditions.
That's just a name change and the national composition of living on the shores of the Black Sea "Bermuda Triangle" had no effect on the unusual quality of the bay — to attract the bottom of ships.
Ship graveyard
All year round many commercial and passenger ships entering the harbor and out of it, but not all of them safely reach their destination. The bottom of the bay dotted with the remains of the ships of different times, sunken for unclear reasons.
Numerous divers who are not afraid "curse Tsemess Bay" repeatedly brought to the surface a lot of old coins, pieces of amphorae and other findings suggesting that the statute of limitations occurred in these shipwrecks.
Interestingly, the part of the ships lost in the bay as early as the 20th century, underwater researchers still have not found. Although there is good evidence of their deaths.
Even the statistics of local shipwrecks suggests the "abnormality" of the bay.
Only in the twentieth century, there were the following events (the loudest)
In 1918, in order to avoid surrender to the Germans on the orders of Lenin in the bay was flooded all the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
During the Great Patriotic War in the Bay killed several dozens of large and small vessels, many of which have not yet been found.
August 31, 1986 here in a collision with a cargo ship killed the legendary passenger ship "Admiral Nakhimov", taking with him to the bottom of the bay life 423 people.
In 1973, the winter moored ship suddenly heavily iced by squally wind gust and within minutes had gone to the bottom. Managed to escape only half the crew.
In 2010, searchers found near Novorossiysk sunken warship of the "chaser." Historians believe that he took part in the battle of Malaya Zemlya in the Great Patriotic War.
It would be logical to assume that the ship was sunk in battle, for example, under fire from German bombers. But if this were so in fact, that the shells were supposed to explode and destroy the ship.
However, the ship has been completely preserved ammunition, the researchers said the ship. Detonation for some strange reason did not happen.
By the way, during the battle for Novorossiysk been many such oddities. But because of the seriousness of the situation and the severity of fighting, they almost nobody paid attention.
And, perhaps more attention to the investigation of shipwrecks in the bay Tsemess could save some quite normal vessels.
Curse "Nakhimov" or Tsemess bay?
One of the most frightening and bizarre from a logical point of view of the tragedies in the Russian shipping occurred at night August 31, 1986.
"Admiral Nakhimov" was a Soviet passenger ship, who for 29 years made cruises on the Crimea-Caucasus line.
August 31, 1986 the ship "Admiral Nakhimov" came from the port of Yalta and in accordance with its cruise schedule at 14:00 moored at Pier 34 passenger port of Novorossiysk. According to the schedule, "Admiral Nakhimov" had to stand up to the evening in Novorossiysk.
At 22:00, when all the passengers were already on board, the ship gave the ends and slowly set sail from the harbor wall. Tugs "Fearless" and "Immaculate" slowly took a brightly lit "Admiral Nakhimov" from the pier, opened it in the waters and led him to leave the port.
At the time, on board the "Nakhimov" in the official version was 1243 people. These were 346 crew members and, subject to permits issued by the cruise, 897 passengers.
So the ship last time in his 60-year life was leaving port, having on board 1234 victims.
"Admiral Nakhimov" and a huge cargo ship "Peter Vasev" face outlet Tsemesskaya bay.
Motor ship sank in just 8 minutes of 1234 passengers on board, 423 left the liner in the water.
The investigation almost immediately found guilty of tragedy — according to prosecutors, they were captains of both vessels. For "dereliction of duty", they got a few years in prison.
However, most of Novorossiysk, relatives of the victims and survivors of the passengers "Nakhimov", and numerous researchers do not believe in a very simple explanation of the circumstances of the accident.
After all, the two captains were experienced "sea wolves" not once were Novorossiysk sea gate, showed their best in difficult situations at sea. And there is such a "mistake"?
None so far can not figure out how to in a large bay with complete calm and beautiful summer weather encounter two ship if the ship is in sight, the team were experienced, time and place for the discrepancy was more than enough.
For comparison, the obvious example, imagine a normal empty stadium. It has two machines that somehow collided. Although the location for the most complex maneuvers was enough.
Actions cargo ship captain, "Peter Vasev" in the last few minutes before the collision still seems more than strange: he calmly continued his freighter instrument, despite the entreaties of his assistant to look out the window, where the twinkling lights of the approaching great liner.
Why trust an experienced sailor only readings, which at that time erroneously indicate successful discrepancy with a liner? When the captain came out of a sudden, "forgotten", he realized that it is impossible to prevent a shipwreck. Was immediately given "back up." But coasting vessel continued to move closer to the "Nakhimov".
According to one version, the instruments cargo ship showed some third ship in the waters of the bay Tsemess. But why is it not known? And why not intelligent electronics recognize such a huge ship as "Admiral Nakhimov"?
From the injuries passenger liner sank in seconds. More than 400 people disappeared under the water, covered a huge funnel. Body of 60 people found so far.
It is noteworthy that the strangeness with the vessel continued to occur even after the crash. During the search operations on board the "Nakhimov" once killed two experienced divers.
They did not have the kind of air. People who have been to the "Russian Titanic", noted the sudden sense of panic and fear that arises from them at a depth of 40 meters.
After a series of strange events and coincidences, the search operation was decided to stop, and the case cover special rubber cover. Masts cut down, the pipes were removed.
Well so far and is ship "Admiral Nakhimov" in Tsemess Bay at a depth of 47 meters. A navigational or environmental hazard ship represents.
In addition, at the present time and have not developed any project to lift. A 500-meter radius of the area, which is home to flood the ship "Admiral Nakhimov", is the official burial place of the victims of the disaster.
This area is prohibited dive divers and underwater vehicles, anchoring, and in general any action that disturbs the peace of the place of burial.
Among the most common version of the death ship called — curse Nakhimov.
Once Admiral PS Nakhimov, defending Sevastopol ordered sink ships, enemy ships to block the way to the harbor. Then managed to defend the city, but since then the ship, named after the brave and adventurous admiral, inevitably suffer shipwreck and drown.
In another version of the death of vessels affected by the earthquake that occurred at the time of the crash in the Black Sea, but hundreds of miles from Novorossiysk. Its powerful electromagnetic radiation from the earthquake and to influence the actions of captains of both vessels.
Natural anomaly changes the time and the psyche of people
In addition to the mysterious at times, unreasonable shipwrecks Tsemesskaya famous bay and the ability to change the time and nature of the people living nearby.
Sailors show that more than once in the center of the bay from the crew sail the ships of its open spaces, at once stops the clock. Failure of the electrical appliances. But as a rule, after an indefinite time period returns to his usual sense, except that the clock had to sum up the desired mark.
In the 2000s, people began to Novorossiysk repeatedly talk about strange coincidences — some of the days in the vicinity of the city there are strange and terrible road accidents in which people were killed. In the city of the most sensitive people, "going crazy" and mutilated himself and those who were near.
There are descriptions of oddities and such: Novorossiysk two were traveling by car and admired the clean smooth surface Tsemesskaya bay. Suddenly on the surface of the sea there were huge circles — as if someone had dropped something invisible from above the sea.
Moreover, according to friends, the water seemed to rotate in a clockwise direction and threatened to turn into a funnel. This vision lasted a few minutes, and then just as suddenly disappeared.
At the end of the 2000's in htysyachnyh Tsemess Bay performed work on the survey of deep reservoirs releases from wastewater treatment plants. Experienced divers were working at a depth of 40-45 meters.
One day, during a routine dive, one of the experienced divers going to float to the surface when the air supply coming to an end. And suddenly he realized with horror that he could not do it. Something like it was drawn into the depths. Came the panic and horror.
Man became desperate move by attempting to rise to the surface and in the end still surfaced. But he almost fainted from the shock. More in a terrible place, for obvious reasons, he did not return.
Around the same period, in the port of Novorossiysk a strange incident — during loading and unloading operations, suddenly had a heart attack just 4 workers. All of them were immediately taken to the emergency room of a local hospital. But to save one of the men did not succeed.
Scientists and researchers of the paranormal claim that the cause of these and many other similar cases — magnetic anomaly.
In their view, the effect of these anomalies is variable and depends on several factors. First of all, they are generally associated with the presence of large anomalous zone "reserves" or iron ore (which is at the bottom of the bay Tsemess plenty). In addition, unexplained phenomena and affects the electromagnetic emissions associated with the movement of magma, which occurred close to the surface of the earth.
Still, there are skeptics, for which the above conditions and the accident — not an indication of abnormality Tsemesskaya bay. In their view, the high frequency of tragic cases justified by the fact that there is the most intense in the Black Sea shipping.
Who is right and who is — no, we can not reliably say. One thing is clear — until Tsemess Bay will continue to sink ships, killing people — notoriety Russian "Bermuda Triangle" will not go away. So, for many years to Novorossiysk and its environs provided attention of researchers, divers and fans of history, trying to get to the truth "mysteries" devil "of the bay."

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