Myths about sacrifices in the Slavic faith

It is believed that human sacrifice was for our ancestors, a common thing, and they were made in front of the whole motley crowd that visited the temple on a holiday: the killing of a human de-looking women, and children, and crazy, and people with weakened psyche.



For the Christian church, a very tough competing with the native Slavs faith, writing such myths had quite practical value. Is the right to life religion where the Magi — professional killer, and believers — unwitting accomplices? Of course not!

On human sacrifice our chronicles mention twice.

"The Tale of Bygone Years" tells us that in 980 Prince Vladimir "Idols placed on the hill behind the prisons yard … and sacrificed unto them, and bring their sons and daughters, and the Russian land was polluted with blood and hill one," and three years later, according to the same chronicle, Kiev decided at any cost "slaughtered as a sacrifice to the gods," a young boy Norman, when his father refused to give up her son, "demons," Kiev "clicked, and felled beneath the porch, and so they were killed."

Learn how it is the most relevant to a person, it is possible, for example, reading Vlesknigu (VC) — the only truly independent source that tells about the sacrifices in Slavic religion (in fairness it should be noted that the debate about the authenticity of the VC in Russia almost subsided, and in other countries have stopped long ago.)
Vleskniga said reproducing message Svarog Aria, leader of the ancient Slavs: "Let us make you out of my fingers. And that would say that [you] the natural sons Istvarega. And the children become Istvaregovymi and become as little children are mine, and Dazhde will your Father. "
Had our ancestors thought that the people — the descendants of the gods, and, at the same time that the ritual murder of a man Dazhdbog grandson, can benefit from the relationship with the divine world? Hard to believe.

Also, no wonder it is said that the Slavs were created by the fingers of Svarog, the Creator of the Slavic people in faith — not a temporary visitor to the world of phenomena, and not a servant of God, and an indispensable partner of the infinite creation of the universe, an associate of the Gods and their helper: again, bring human sacrifice is extremely unwise.
"We have a real faith, — the EC — which does not require human sacrifice. And that is done at voryagov who truly always makes it, called Parkunom Perun, and the victim worked. What we should field a sacrifice to give …
So anyway, that Greece will talk about us, that we bring people to sacrifice — and that false speech, and no really, and we have different customs. And those who want to hurt others, said no good. "
Of course, the Slavs were always there will be enemies who speak evil: it is not a shame, a shame that our people gradually got used to it and began to agree with the slander on all sides to it flowing.

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