Nekljaev filed a complaint to the CEC initiative group of Lukashenka

Nyaklyayeu filed a complaint against the violation of the Central Election Commission by a group of Alexander Lukashenko election laws.

According V.Neklyaevym, the complaint lists the facts people collecting signatures outside the Lukashenka's initiative group, and the collection of signatures in places where it is prohibited by law, BelaPAN.

All these facts are documented, and some of them were recorded on video. Discs with video V.Nyaklyaev also presented with the complaint.

Also, the initiative group of Vladimir Neklyaeva appealed to the authorities of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine with a request to provide transparent ballot boxes for the presidential elections in Belarus.

About This was announced Presidential candidate, leader of the campaign "Tell the truth!"Nyaklyayeu on the picket line outside the GUM department store in Minsk, BelaPAN.

Special appeal sent to the authorities of Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland. Near GUM today was exhibited transparent ballot box, in which everyone could throw a "ballot" for V.Neklyaevym.

According V.Neklyaevym, the presence of the polling stations of transparent ballot boxes "will not solve the problem of possible election fraud." "However, the falsification of the elections will bring us (I mean Belarus and the Belarusian people) are very big problems. And it is a threat, as a result of rigged elections we get power, which does not recognize either in America or in Europe or in Russia. That's why we do this action in order to show that elections have to go clean and transparent, "- said V.Neklyaev.

According to the present share of one of the coordinators of the campaign "For Fair Elections 2010", the leader of the party "Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin, transparent ballot boxes at polling stations are given a chance to observers and the public to know about how many people voted in the election.



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