Nekljaev promised to provide the CEC with transparent ballot boxes

On Monday, the Initiative Group of Vladimir Neklyaeva appealed to the authorities of neighboring countries of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania — with a request to provide Belarus with transparent ballot boxes.

Near the capital of GUM and 15 hours was set one transparent ballot box, and Nyaklyayeu showed passers-by and reporters its advantages, throwing back Newsletter:

"So I threw it away, and see that I have not dropped a stack of ballots, making a hundred, it's one ballot, my personal newsletter, which I omitted for the appropriate person."

Mr. Nekljaev said that he held talks with the parliaments of neighboring countries, and they have promised to help with transparent ballot boxes.

The human rights activist, member of the initiative group Neklyaeva Tatiana Protko:

"This kind of transparent ballot box — it's not fleshmobavskaya phenomenon. In many countries, the transparent ballot boxes. And what do drawers, the district executive committee decides. One should not think that everything does in our country Lukashenko. There are many people who are responsible for ensuring that the elections were fair, democratic and transparent. And now we turn to the these peopleIt all depends on you. "

The head of the organizing committee of the initiative "For Fair Elections" Sergei Kalyakin:

"14 democratic organizations have joined together to ensure that the elections in Belarus could finally be the same as transparent as this box. Because it is important that we see that the ballot cast one, not a pack of how many people actually voted for whom to vote. And today, we are convinced that if it's transparent elections, not only the box, but the elections as a whole — will defeat Democratic candidates. "

Sergei Kalyakin casts her ballot in a transparent box.

Were invited to a celebration and other presidential candidates. Statkevich :

"Certainly, transparent ballot boxes will not solve the problem of tampering. But they make it difficult to work this hard to falsify, when respectable people sneaking to the polls early voting and change everything. We'll have more embarrassed those who protects these boxes. "

Statkevich mentioned recognition of a police officer Lieutenant Colonel Kozlov of fraud in the last presidential election. He was surprised that among the several thousand guards box found only one officer, who said this:

"This government robs people of dignity, that's the worst. She made me the dignity of a piece of bread. And then, taking advantage of, and this takes away a piece of bread. "

On Monday, the Democratic candidates have made an appeal to the international community. It was signed by Gregory Kastusyou, Nyaklyayeu, Yaroslav Romanchuk, Vitaly Rymashevsky, Nikolai Statkevich.

Nyaklyayeu"We are not so naive as to think that this box is fully ensure the absence of fraud. So we wrote an appeal to the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the parliaments of the European Union, CIS, USA, where we list all the conditions necessary for these free and democratic elections. "

The initiative group Neklyaeva transferred to the CEC complaint of violations of election laws by representatives of the initiative group of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, annexing the stack of documents and CDs with videos.

Nyaklyayeu depanstrue one of sfatagrafanyh violations: Lukashenka's initiative group is collecting signatures on a railway station, forbidden to collect signatures.


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