Nekljaev: the first visit in case of victory — to the east

Nyaklyayeu introduced his doctrine of foreign policy, which is called the "Responsible" neighborhood.

Policies in the event of his election victory on December 19 deems it necessary to leave the Russian vector as a priority for Belarus. This is vital for the country — he said:

"We're not going in the event of coming to power to take any sudden movements that would lead to the collapse of the existing agreements with Russia. This applies both to the economic, social, humanitarian and military units."

In this case, Mr. Nekljaev not rule out that after his rise to power will audit all agreements with Russia. However, for example, a lease for Russia in Belarus, two military facilities will not be prematurely terminated.

The politician also urged not to demonize the Russian capital, and did not rule out his participation in the privatization of Belarusian pipelines and refineries.

Speaking about the relations between Belarus and the European Union, Nekljaev said that will have to start from scratch, because there is not even agreement on partnership and cooperation between Minsk and Brussels. Belarus also need to join Council of Europe.

Belarus under President patients will seek the World Trade Organization, while remaining within the framework of the Customs Union and the Common Economic Space. With NATO Belarus to cooperate in the framework of the "Partnership for Peace". Belarus' membership in the EU is somewhat unrealistic, says politician — is possible along with membership in the organization of Ukraine and Russia.

Answering the question of where in the event of winning the election Nyaklyaeu organizes his first visit in Moscow, Brussels and Washington, the politician said: "The East".

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