Nemtsov’s ambitions, or as Boris would reign.

MOSCOW, October 14 (New Region, Vitaly Akimov, Arina Morokova) — Pause, which holds the Kremlin in the appointment of the mayor of Moscow, allows some politicians to dream, imagine yourself in the mayor's chair. So, today known opposition leader of the movement "Solidarity" Boris Nemtsov presented to journalists writing on the subject: "If I was the mayor."
One of the points of his "hypothetical" merstva Nemtsov outlined the health of the political situation in the city by the dissolution of the Moscow City Duma. "It is a non-legitimate, the elections were rigged Luzhkov's team" — said Nemtsov.
Immediately obvious words are not a child, but her husband! But the dissolution of the Moscow City Duma, the mayor of Moscow can be ONLY in the event of the adoption of the constitution by the Duma (the Charter) and the law of the subject of the Russian Federation, normative legal act contrary to the Federal Constitution and the joint jurisdiction of the Russian Federation and its subjects, if such contradictions are set by the court, and the legislative (representative) body fails to eliminate them within six months from the date of entry into force of the court decision. So the political ignorance of Mr. Nemtsov ceases to amaze. Although he is a techie (PhD in Physics and Mathematics), so he excused for ignorance of such nuances.
Finally, the last item on the agenda of opposition politician was listed a return to democratic direct election of the head of Moscow.
And how do I ask? To return to the direct election of the head of Moscow's need at least to make changes to the federal laws "On general principles of organization of legislative and executive bodies of state power of subjects of the Russian Federation" and "On basic guarantees of electoral rights of citizens to participate in the referendum"! This competence of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and the President of the Russian Federation.

In general, I conclude — the Germans failed popiaritsya … Rather crudely :)

As they say on the subject:

"If I was the mayor of Moscow," Sergeant hung up … :)

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