New emergency in Yelan: cancer patient treated for sinusitis soldier while kept in service

The next emergency happens in the notorious Elanskii garrison in the Sverdlovsk region have served there conscripts diagnosed with a brain tumor just after he began to pass out right in the line and lose memory. Before that army doctors to write off all the banal sinusitis.

New emergency in Yelan: cancer patient treated for sinusitis soldier, kept in service until Archive

New emergency in Yelan: cancer patient treated for sinusitis soldier while kept in service

After the terrible diagnosis yet been set, the soldier was rushed to Moscow to head the Burdenko military hospital where he is undergoing chemotherapy. But valuable time has been lost, although the soldier and his family are hoping for the best.

Sam, 24, Dmitry Bogoderov designed from Bashkiria, believes his disease started to progress after April officer hit him on the head with combat boots, According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Mother of the victim wrote to the prosecutor. But the army command reacted only after the story hit the press and become public.

The command of the Central Military Command (CVO) to verify information on the possible fact of beating of conscripts in the Sverdlovsk region, due to which, according to the media, he could have developed a brain tumor, according to RIA "News" on Wednesday, Assistant Commander Colonel Jaroslav CVO Roshchupkin.

"According to the soldier's mother about the alleged fact of beating soldier Bogoderovu command CVO checks together with the military prosecutor's office. Talk about the results too early, "- he said.

Military doctors do not see the connection between trauma and brain tumor
Relatives of the patient appealed to the media when an alleged a few months ago to establish the fact of beating has been very difficult, said Roshchupkin. "Clearly, when examining Bogoderova bruises at the hospital were not detected," — said the colonel.

According to him, the military doctors do not see the causal link between the possibility of obtaining a soldier in April trauma and tumors in his brain.

"The size of the tumor, according to their data, suggests that the cancer has evolved over the years. Was assigned to verify, and its results showed that for several years before being drafted into the armed forces Bogoderov was treated at a hospital in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region. In the history recorded that four years ago, he repeatedly complained of headaches, hallucinations and seizures ", — the representative of command CVO.

During the call to military service Bogoderova information about his illness in the draft board has been received, no mention of the disease and in the sheet conversations with military personnel and their families, he said.

After the district hospital soldier had a complete examination, including MRI of the brain, he was evacuated to Moscow and placed in the Burdenko hospital, where he had further examination and assign the appropriate treatments, summed Roshchupkin.

"Now his words can be confirmed only by the testimony … maybe seen striking colleagues. In any case, if the beatings will be installed, the guilty held accountable, "- assured Elanskii garrison military prosecutor Mikhail Emelyanov, quoted by" KP ".

The paper gives details on this tragic story of a soldier to his mother. When a woman came to visit him in the hospital in Yekaterinburg, he said that in late April handed driving on CPC (Computer Simulation System), located inside the simulator BMP and execute commands Tsembolintsa Lieutenant Ivan, who was sitting on the hatch.

"Dima bad transmission worked, so he was able to quickly take orders officer. And he got angry, with all the force combat boots kicked her son in the head. As a result, Dima hit his head on the dashboard and lost consciousness, "- told Galia Bogoderova.

"The doctors say that the development of the tumor could provoke the same punch lieutenant. Or that it is being transformed from a hematoma after impact, "- said the mother of a soldier.

In the Burdenko hospital in Moscow doctors gave him an accurate diagnosis, "the tumor deep portion of the right hemisphere of the brain with the spread of the corpus callosum." That is advanced cancer. And the disease for at least six months. The tumor is inoperable, but the soldier's mother said that after chemotherapy son got better, and believes that Mr eventually recover, says "KP".

Elanskii garrison in the Sverdlovsk region of times over the past few years found himself at the center of controversy. One of the most notorious was the case with ordinary Ruslan Ayderhanovym. Also in recent years have documented numerous failures of the military command to send recruits patients for treatment.

On the subject:

Serdyukov was a high position in a large corporation

Former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov appointed as Advisor to General Director of the state corporation "Russian Technologies". About RBC informed source in the company.

According to a source, a destination already happened. The duties Serdyukov begin shortly.

Serdyukov resigned Nov. 6 after the corruption scandal broke out loud now "Oboronservis" controlled the Ministry of Defence.

Recall Investigation Department chief military TFR initiated five criminal cases in connection with fraud in the sale of real estate, land and shares owned "Oboronservis." Preliminary damage from sale of real estate only eight of more than 3 billion rubles.

According to investigators, the officials of the Ministry of Defence selected from the property complex of "Oboronservis" the most liquid and most prestigious objects, sites and events, including in Moscow. Then, as a rule, in this real estate investing enormous budget, and then the property was sold at substantially lower prices affiliated with "Oboronservis" commercial structures. However, many properties were bought with cash stolen from the very same "Oboronservis."

At the moment, the suspects in the case are two men — former CEO of the Center for Legal Support "Expert" and companies "World" and "Vita Project" Catherine Smetana and CEO of the District storehouses Moscow District of the Air Force and Air Defence Maxim Zakutaylo.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, commenting on the resignation Anatoly Serdyukov, said the decision to release the minister from office was made in order to "provide the conditions for objective investigation of all the issues surrounding the Defense Ministry."

On the eve of the broadcast channel "Russia 1" was shown Arkady Mamontov revelatory film that tells of the machinations of the Ministry of Defence. According to the materials of the film, one of the "Women Serdyukov" — the former the former head of the Department of Property Relations of the Ministry of Defense Evgenia Vasilyeva — monthly salary as head of the "Oboronservis" is 5 million rubles. The film authors also claim that it owns the 13-room apartment in the center of Moscow.

In addition, the film was reported luxury dachas Anatoly Serdyukov and relatives of the ex-minister, as well as luxury cars, given to him by one of the main contractors, the Defense Ministry.

Following the resignation of the Ministry of Defence Anatoly Serdyukov headed by Sergei Shoigu.

"Rostekhnologii" — the Russian state-owned corporation, established in 2007. to assist in the development, manufacture and export of high-tech products for civil and military purposes. Corporation includes 592 companies and organizations. Of these, 439 are in the territory of the Russian Federation, 330 belong to the military-industrial complex were 21 city-forming. Headquartered in Moscow. Organization of corporations located in 54 Russian regions and deliver products to market more than 50 countries. Net profit of "Russian Technologies" for 2010. amounted to 1.768 billion rubles.

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