Not clear hole in the village Ishkinino


At 15 kilometers from Gaya to the west is the village of Ishkinino (Orenburg region). It was there, near the village in 2011, and there was an anomaly, which still dominates the minds. But it was the appearance of … hole in the ground.

Ordinary countryside — steppe around and close to the village. Soil failed, apparently, in a hole diameter of 1 meter 70 centimeters, a depth of about 8 meters. You can imagine how much you need to select the ground, to get such an impressive groove.

But just because the soil has failed to God knows where! Many curious were coming to the hole, looked intently into the deep, tormented by the question: why this happened? And no intelligible speculation arose. What a void was in the ground, which is evenly absorbed so much ground, or maybe it took someone unknown device? Vitali rumors about UFOs.

The hole was just off the road. Some of the local walled her dry twigs, and then began with earth, because it was unsafe roads, especially in the snow. Last year, buried hole, but keep talking about it and thinking the.

One of the men of Ai turned to ufologists, they were asked to examine the hole, drop down and take samples of the soil. No one dared to do so, because the unknown scared: what pit "come to life", will be closed edges, destroy man. Asleep. But still the question, "What the heck was that?" Photos provided holes in the desert oldest geologist Guy Givi Saribegovich Khubaev.

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