Number of forest fires for the night in Ugra has almost doubled

Forty-three forest fires in the area of 1.8 thousand hectares are raging in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District, for the last day of fires increased by 17, said Tuesday the county department of natural resources and the non-oil sector of the economy.

"Today, in the forests of Ugra are 43 forest fires a total area of 1.8 thousand hectares, six localized fires a total area of 807 hectares," — said in a statement.

Clarifies that most fires — 11 — registered in Nizhnevartovsk forestry, wood burning is an area 365.5 hectares.

For the past day liquidated 13 wildfires on an area of 1.4 thousand hectares.

Since the beginning of the fire season in the forests of Ugra recorded 838 forest fires with a total area 55.7 hectares. In 2011, this date was recorded 558 fires a total area of 30.3 hectares.

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