Number of forest fires on the Yamal per day increased to 33

Thirty-three forest fires in the area of nearly 3000 hectares are raging in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, one day there was one new fire, said the county Emergency Management on Thursday.

"For the past day within the county arose 19 natural fires, 17 fires eliminated. Goes quenching 33 wildfires, 12 of which are localized. Threats settlements and no economy" — the document says.

Specifies that the area is Krasnoselkupsk extinguishing fires in ten area of 285 hectares. It employs 173 firefighters paratrooper "Yamalspasa."

"In Pur district is extinguishing a forest fire in the 21 area of 1,3 hectares. 273 firefighters extinguish paratrooper" Yamalspasa "involved" helicopter — to be confirmed in a statement.

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