October in the top five warmest on Earth for 130 years



October 2012 in the world ranked fifth warmest Octobers ever more than 130-year history of meteorological observations, the report said of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric USA (NOAA).

"The average temperature of the earth's surface and the ocean last October was 14.63 degrees Celsius, 0.63 degrees above the average temperature for the month of XX century" — said in a statement.

As experts NOAA, since 1976, temperatures in October were always above the "medieval" rules. The hottest October came in 2003, when the average surface temperature was 14.67 degrees Celsius.

However, according to the meteorological observations over the last 20 years, no one was colder months of its average rate of XX century. In October, was much warmer than usual in North and South America, North Africa, south-east Europe and the Far East of Russia. Below normal temperatures dipped medieval Mongolia, northern China, in the central part of North America as well as in the north of Siberia.

However, in the past month, many regions of the world were "abnormal" in terms of rainfall. For example, in Finland, in October fell a double monthly rainfall. Thus in Australia fell just 48% of the monthly average, and for the continent in October 2012 was the fifth among the driest in the history of meteorological observations.

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