Of strongest will survive. Russian martial arts in our blood

Strongest will survive.  Russian martial arts in our blood

It is not enough for those who asked themselves the question, for which we are now fighting skills and knowledge, for what purpose we are passionate about them. Naturally, this does not in any way for those people who by the nature of their own profiles have to do it, no, it is about us — ordinary mortals.

When you begin to ask that those who do it just like that, yourself, and get a specific answer — just like it. Where to have this love for this occupation?

Martial arts takes each of their own: one — as a hobby, others — like the desire for security, but in fact all have one common external enemy factor, and in most cases — is the street. No one is immune from falling into extreme situation. And if the uniformed services is called unsafe work to which they are prepared, friction, then the majority of people who engage in martial arts, such extreme situations — the only way to stand up for themselves, not to be beaten and humiliated.

After all, every one of us, whether he is a doctor, programmer or special forces soldier, is exposed to a similar risk of life and threats.

By studying the pages of Russian chronicles works just impossible not to marvel at the courage and bravery of our Protz, when they were faced with the enemy, in the 10's again surpassed its numerically.

Mother Russia for many centuries in a row produced the natural selection of people who can defend themselves and, therefore, not killed, and were still alive, then to genetically pass on to their descendants own specific abilities, well, not only. Their disposition to combat skills and knowledges, too was part of the transferred legacy that is alive as a chain of knowledge passed from the 1st generation to another, and, in the end, come down to us, their present-day descendants.

And now it's time we think about what we pass on to our children, what responsibility will fall on their shoulders.

Genetics — a "great" science, and it was she always says that information from generation to generation is passed on genetically. In this case — it is the information that a broker to survive a certain kind, which is already evident in our children, bringing to the first plan of their interests and location. And we, their fathers, need to trace as we can to specifically important location and ability to strengthen and minor themselves, over time, will depart back evenly and quietly fade.

On a subconscious level in the Russian man asleep prototypes Russian dances, folk games, concepts such as beauty and honesty, different methods of armed, unarmed and fight their enemies.

And specifically for such people exist programm Russian martial arts training, which has its own purpose of self-enlightenment. The main thing in this program — it is the knowledge of its own roots, deepen their knowledge in areas such as folk songs, language, dances, prayers, stories, games, lives of our saints, stories of heroes, the army, the country's history, economy, etc.

To-hand combat as the locomotive served basis entire way of life in Russia, which given certain abilities and skills for combat, promoted good health. Does not go then go on three times a week for training, there was no time, well, it was necessary to somehow exist. It was necessary to fish, hunt, work on the farm, from time to time to make war — that's the whole exercise. A motor base was created as a result of natural everyday movements, such as stooping thick branches, thin branches swipe with his hand, etc. And now you can do what ever footwork, work on the production, playing sports, hunting, fishing, etc., the main thing — always on the move, instead of lying on the couch and talk out loud about the techniques of unarmed combat. All this together may be referred to generalize concepts such as tourism, living and working in the country.

The impetus for the revival of a forgotten Russian style of martial arts were the languid years majestically Russian war. Specifically, the introduction of the Russian style helped Russian warriors come out of the favorites of many bad situations.

Not enough people know that in the far 1945 of 10 paratroopers, which ran the captain Leonov, were able to capture six thousand fighter of the Kwantung Army, but this, well, not only, history is silent.

The reason for this is the fact that after the victory of the Russian martial arts were hidden away for the highest wall of special schools in which trained saboteurs. For a long time it's national wealth was actually hidden from the people.

Learning a martial art — it's all-encompassing multi-factor system, with the introduction of different methods and tools that focus on the physical development of a fighter and have to cook it for a fight with one or many opponents. With all this development all the physical properties is in the practice of martial arts an integral part of a process of preparation, which is organically intertwined with the tactical and technical training, and the development of psychological properties.

One of the main tools for the development and, later, to improve physical abilities and characteristics — it's exercise. In order to successfully practice the martial arts, you need to own the very highest level of development of many physical properties such as strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and have the highest level of special endurance.

Certain sense lessons in martial arts is, in the end, this motor learning techniques and activities that reflect the characteristics and specificities of a particular type of Russian martial art.

This is a shock and kicking techniques, continuous composition, combining multi-level efforts within themselves, and most importantly — the speed linear-circular strokes all parts of the hands and feet, starting with the fingers, fists, elbows, shoulders, and down to the feet, knees, hips.

In the current turbulent times group attacks are everywhere, that's why the Russian martial arts is not so little attention is given to the strategy of action taken against a large group, and the mental and technical features at a similar fight. Only one who is more prepared psychologically, can count on the fact that he could survive in an emergency.

Combined martial arts is an order of magnitude more effective in self-defense, martial arts than those who specialize in unarmed combat. Indeed, much easier to kill a man than naked fists to beat. For a man, which brought up in the traditions of Russian martial art is completely natural to be armed.

The knife was at first part of the ordinary Russian combat a suit. The Russian fighter was always under arms, which meant one thing: if it was preparing an attack, the one who was attacking, he knew that would certainly have to deal with an armed man, and mean, and he was armed.

A similar conflict with the highest probability is always a little bit of could end in the death of someone, and it was aware of at least some man. The closeness of death made every Russian, and in those days the word Russian soldier and carried one meaning, sensitive to all the divine. Because as long as a man brought up in a military culture in Russia was a real strong Orthodox faith. Being a Russian always meant to be a warrior and and Orthodox.

To the Russian martial art include such areas having its own base in the ethnographic reconstruction of martial arts as Skobar — Slavic Goretskaya struggle, Tver buza etc.

re in the middle of them, and quite unique, but a lot of home-grown and that are only semi-literate show of strength, a certain consistency of kickboxing and power struggles. Some of them justify their involvement in the "Russian-ness" with the rituals and some clothes and that was more like a farce, others have had some extraordinary, allegedly Russian, manner of movement, but the real Russian martial arts are reconstructed for today such as fist fights or stenoshny, Russian Buza and others.

Russian martial arts is rapidly captured in popularity in a very narrow range, but in the midst of experts recognition was not far away at once. Who actually performed the official competition for Russian battles, but representatives of Russian martial arts in favor of mixed styles.

Find the so called Russian style can be simple — a core technology, which in the main consists of several successive parts: Entering the correct plane to hit, removing the enemy off balance and likely his finishing moves.

On exercises on Russian martial arts and close attention is paid to the study of history, Russian culture and art of possession of the instrument.

In Russia, at first it was a lot of fighting men's games, the most important of which are the "wolves and hunters", developing a sense of distance fight, "daisy" — for departures in group fights, and the concept of "spins" in combat "leapfrog", "blind with lash or whip ", fighting, football with a tennis ball, etc.

More exciting and burning and combat folk dances — "Russian dance, "Komarinskaya, ryazanochka — dance with the gun, lady, prisyadka.

Remember earlier in the school were the norms of the TRP, and at this time our young people can not be applied to anything, neither to work nor to the defense, because the force-embracing exercise — this is exactly what is in control of the physical condition of the person.

You can just check yourself, considering how many push-ups you can do.

If the index is small, it is necessary to start to work so as not to become a burden to their loved ones, in fact, become their protector.

Here are some tips for proper training.

One of the most important points in training for those who will be engaged in without the help of others, without a mentor, a scrutiny of loads in the unlikely event will only harm and no utility. To do this, find the Adam's apple in the neck and pulse count per minute.

Do best in 10 to 13 hours, and 17 to 20 hours — particularly at this time the body is very ready for loading. Ventilated areas.

Start and finish classes must evenly.

Must be an odd number of sleep hours, and then the nerve cells and the protein will be recovered more efficiently.

Better to eat twice in a day, making one day a week unloading.

Adhering to these tips, and most importantly, doing everything with passion and enthusiasm, and not against the will, you can make your own stereotype of a real Russian man, the one on which our forefathers wanted. Russian the only reason people survived, had a culture that convey a certain disk imaging generic chains, as well as managed to bring in the next generation the most suitable methods of survival, for example the same martial art.

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