Officials illegally tried by cutting down forests in the Altai Mountains

The Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Altai regional demands to punish officials of Ministry of Forestry, which was given to the illegal felling of pine trees in the popular tourist destination place under the pretext that the resinous trees infected with cancer, reported Monday on the website of the supervisory authority.

The audit revealed that employees of the department "Chemalsky forest" of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Altai taken under cutting 167 pine trees growing in the area near the village of Chemalsky Askat. The forest is located near the popular tourist spot — blue lakes, known as "Blue Lake Askta" or "Eyes of Katun." This forest area belongs to the protective forests that have a category — forbidden forest strips along water bodies. In accordance with the requirements of the Forest Code are possible selective sanitary felling trees for recovery, containment and elimination of hotbeds of stem pests and infectious diseases.

"The reason for the appointment was cutting trees in recognition of their sick resin cancer. However, the results of each inspection pine employees environmental prosecutors revealed that the 115 trees, there are no signs of any damage and disease. Thus, 69% of the pines are assigned to the control room is illegal. also found that in violation of the law selected for cutting and marking of trees made by the worker an autonomous institution of the Altai Republic "Chemal forest" in the absence of officials of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic "- said in a statement.

Based on the audit prosecutors made to the Minister of Forestry Region idea to ban the cutting of trees under the guise of health and recreational activities in the area. Also raised the issue of bringing the perpetrators to justice officials of the Ministry.

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