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Yuri Lavon. In the book "was shot LITERATURE." "Libraries", 2008

There is a lyric poetry, is philosophical, there is journalistic. They can be found in the dictionary of literary terms. And there are also "counter-revolutionary poem", which do not identify the theorists of literature. These works are well-versed "appropriate" authorities. It is for the distribution of these poems is excluded, but later recovered and in 1934 graduated from the Department of criticism and creative literary department of the Minsk Pedagogical Institute Yuri Lavon. The true name of the poet — Leonid Jurkiewicz. He was born in Chavusy and for 29 years has published six books of life. Of course, the value of these verses can only be seen in the context of a particular era. However, there were at Lavon and poems, which could to say in his own words:

Only one in the world is happy,
Who lives in the winter, in the spring!

These verses really cold rhetorical flourish among others. In 1937, Yuri Lyavony with Sergei Grakhovo translated novel by Jules Verne's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea." But he himself could not survive under a waterfall repression. I would like to add that of the detainees held with him, one Lyavony not confirmed that Tishka tale "counter-revolutionaries", "natsdem" etc.

Valery Mariners. APEX will. MINSK, "Fiction", 1989

I am happy that I live here,
and for this region in the spring of large,
perhaps, remove the head,
prokolyut body
sharp spear.

These prophetic line Valery Makarov have become paradigmatic. In 1935 Moryakov for the publication of the poem "Song of victories" for six months are excluded from the Writers' Union. Then comes the first arrest. A year later, the poet again arrested. After years of torture shot. Lyric by sutvy, Valery Mariners were forced to pay tribute and rytarychnastsi publitsystychnastsi. What does theb, at the time that fate is not bypassed not only young, but the older writers, including Yanka Kupala, who supported Makarov, invited me to visit.

And yet, as he wrote Valery,

Love and poetry go through the centuries.
through the bars of the authorities and the crown of kings,
through the enemy's tricks, betrayal of friends
and give the land of golden crowns.

Everyone can splestsi its golden crown of the poet's lines. I'll start plestsi of the following:

I fell in love with autumn morning,
because it has a lot of reflection and tears.

Julius Tovbin. Favorites. MINSK, "Belarus", 1969

Since childhood, each of us is connected verdict
And they pay dues for the verdict rich …
They say that living lyricist,
Perhaps more difficult as others.

Julius Tovbin was born in 1911, in 1921 the family moved from Voronezh in Russia, in 1926, began to be published in the years 1930-32 published 4 books. In 1930, the poem "Cyrano de Berzherak" still managed to write:

Now the poet — is not the same …
Separate grade and rank …
Never from whose hand
I did not have dueling wounds.

And in 1933, 22-year-old poet who read Goethe, Heine, Shakespeare, Byron, in the original, was arrested and sentenced to two years in exile in Tyumen. In 1936, arrested a second time and in 1937 was shot. Did not have the "dueling wounds", the Belarusian poet received a bullet in the head. In the 1932 poem "Death" Julius Tovbin wrote that if he die, wants his friends played "March of the number 3" by Beethoven, read "a couple Gaynavyh satyr," picked the best "in my and your works." Now after its lasthis words the poet asked to arrange a "radio on Moscow / / At the station the Comintern." Anyone who reads Julius Tovbin, can hardly tune "the radio to Moscow." But the best is to read poetry and listen to Beethoven.

Todor Klyashtorny. Favorites. Minsk, "Belarus", 1970

Poets of the 1920s were endless hymns of youth. No exception here, and "Belarusian Yesenin" Todor Klyashtorny:

Youth —
It's an amazing story,
Uniquely in our lives …
… Lowered
Magic Flowers,
Is diminished,
To no longer bloom …

They say that poets are often tipped in verse his fate. That zadumaessya not offended by their constancy and old age? Or do not decide to leave them forever young?

Who is with us because syagonnya measured? ..
Stop the movement of young who? ..
Let no match for us in Europe, America, —
Tomorrow we will overtake them.

What, in the shot so we overtook all — and if you count in history, and if you count in one day. Prophetic lines Todor Klyashtorny —

We walk under the moon high
And yet — a DP

will soon be 100 years old. But still to High Belarusian month is always a low add-on.

Michas Reed. On a sunny hike. MINSK, "Youth", 1986

I love zakutatstsa housing
Zgaysats from the borders to the borders of the country
And shout loudly snowstorm
As the waves of white not perish.

Michael Reed, creator of the literary organization "Fledglings", who had a certificate number 1, did not die "in the waves of white." His last night was October. In the fires of persecution did not smoke, and shot. Do not stop any known creator (Michas Reed in 1920-30s years has been more popular for Kupala and Kolas) nor his services to the party (he was one of the organizers of the Belarusian Communist organization, which in January 1920 was formed from members of the "Young Belarus"). Last poem, "The Oath" (about the personal innocence), the poet before being shot scratched on the wall of the Ming inner prison of the NKVD, where he saw and captured in the memory of Nicholas Hvedarovich:

Corrupt traitors moneylenders
I squeezed behind bars.
I swear to you, my friends,
My field
My bar —
I say to you I am not guilty!

So at the end of the biographies of poets shot came after the final touch: "rehabilitated."


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