On Dziady in Prague — requiem for the President of BNR

Uniate priest Father Andrew Ablameyko, who founded the Prague pastoral Annunciation, on Sunday, October 31, to serve a Olshansky cemetery in Prague memorial service for the BNR Rada Chairman Peter Krachevsky and Vasil Zakharkov.

In an interview Radio Liberty father Andrew Ablameyko said:

"People who are involved in the proclamation of the independence of Belarus March 25, 1918 and in subsequent years in a hard struggle against the enemies of Belarus upheld this idea, worthy of eternal memory of posterity. Belarusian Anyone, no matter what faith or it was not and is not a believer, would have remember these people with gratitude for what they have done for generations. Without them, there would be no today's independent Belarus. Therefore, on October 31 Dziady 13:30 hours, we're going outside the tombs of Peter and Basil Krichevsky Zakharkov on Olshansky cemetery in Prague to prayerfully vspamyanuts these wonderful people.

Let us pray we are for all of their deaths, as well as the presidents of the BNR and during the liturgy, which will be held on the same day, October 31, about 11 hours in the Prague church of Saints Cosma e Damiano (Vyšehradská 49). "

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