On Mars, found traces of water flows

January 6, 2012 13:04

On Mars, found traces of water flows. NASA officials announced this on Thursday, referring to images taken from a satellite. Scientists suggest that the dark streaks on the surface of the Red Planet are traces of salt water creeks. The researchers hope to unravel their origin and physical features with further observations and experiments.

"We know that Mars has large amounts of ice, but the first time we have established the possibility of the existence of water on the planet in a liquid state. Even if the water is salty, it nevertheless is a liquid, and this is the key. Despite the fact that there is ice on Mars, for any organism presence of fluid is much more important, "- says geophysicist Phil Christensen.

So far, observations have established that the observed dark bands located in the middle latitudes of the southern hemisphere of Mars, increasing in size in the spring and summer, and unlike other types of objects on the Martian slopes of the mountains.

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