On our planet, there are places where there are mysterious phenomena

May 22, 2012 9:54

Valley of the headless

Valley of the headless

On our planet, there are places where very unclear reasons are mysterious unexplained phenomena, disaster strikes. It is in this place is the "Valley of headless" in Canada. According to rumors, the land of the places was rich in gold. From one year to spread everywhere a bad name to this mysterious place, to kill people. But were constantly desperate daredevils who love risk, there are regularly frequented. His name is terrifying death trap received on account of the disappearance of people whose bodies were later found, but somehow decapitated.
On the facts, taken from the Canadian filing police, the following is known. In the late 19th century, prospectors rushed to look for a new Klondike, their first swallowed headless Valley, which was reliably detected. Next — all new victims.

In 1898, a group of six missing people, and a few years later, in 1905, a tragedy happened to McLeod brothers, after which the valley and found such a gloomy name. Brothers Frank and William McLeod, and their friend Robert Veer off to explore the canyon leading to the valley. Only three years hunter, happened to be nearby, they found the decapitated skeletons CSC PIT 2012.

The longer, the more chilling horror. In 1921, a victim of the insatiable Valley was John O'Brien, a year later — Angus Hall. In 1932, in the summer, found the body of Fala Powers (of course, headless) in 1936 it lost Dzhazef Malgelland and William Eppler, whose bodies were found after a time, deprived individuals. Gorge was absorbed a lot of people in the period from 1940 to 1962, hunters, police officers, miners — all of them disappeared without a trace to be discovered later decapitated. Moreover, some of these people were looking for with the help of helicopters, but in vain.
Unravel the mystery of these places and find out, to discover the cause of mysterious disappearances have also tried many daredevils. In 1965, three men — two Germans and a Swede — went on an expedition by canoe. All of them are gone, leaving no trace …
This list of the victims of a terrible and incomprehensible Canadian Valley headless could be extended much further.
Incidentally, almost all were black people good health, uncommon strength, it is able to stand up for themselves. It should be noted that most of the dead — miners, which, if successful discoveries, could not lose our heads in the figurative, and the fact that neither has a direct sense. Chronicle gold mines there are cases where the miners were killed by bandits in order to capture prey. A headless corpses difficult to identify, so that the bandits may well have them cut off and hide.
But in the Indian village of Nahanni Butte, which is located nearby, There is a belief that these mysterious and ugly incident in the valley doing soskvachi (the local version of "Bigfoot").
All-time versions of who committed the murder, and destroyed the men's heads, there were several: the aforementioned "Bigfoot", bandits karaulyaschie his wealth, mysterious tribe fanatic does not admit to their lands of others.
But to this day, neither version has not been proven.

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