On the bank of the Kuban River found dead crocodile

Predator being hunted for four months, was found dead. Vets learn a mortal wound inflicted by a crocodile unknown.
Workers found a dead reptile Krasnodar rowing base. On the side of a crocodile's huge gaping wound, which caused the death of the animal.

Two workers on duty made rowing base inspection area ahead of competitions. Noticed a strange object in the reeds, the men decided it — float from poaching networks.

— We decided to take the buoy itself — told Life News of the Center for Sports Training Paul Byvin. — But podpylili closer and realized that it does not float. At first we thought it was a huge fish. But it turned out it — crocodile!

Rumors that the Kuban river fishermen saw a real live crocodile appeared in the city in the summer. But then none of the witnesses did not manage to capture the photo or video reptile strangely found himself in the river.

Owners of the local safari park claimed that none of their pet is not left his place, and to check private nurseries exotics lovers simply not possible.

Trying to calm agitated residents, experts said that, even assuming that the crocodile really settled in the Kuban, it freezes with the onset of the first frost.

However, before the first frost crocodile never lived.

— On the side of a crocodile in the area of the abdomen, is clearly visible chopped wound — rasskazala Life News vet clinic "Artemis" Natalia Schanova. — According to the preliminary version, namely it was the cause of death. Crocodile could get screw motorboat. But it is possible that he was hit with a knife.

Currently, the body passed reptile specialists who study the nature of the injuries and the contents of his stomach.

Scientists want to understand what the predator could eat for a few months of living in the wild, according www.lifenews.ru.

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