On the devaluation of the deputies did not remember

Today in Minsk held a regular meeting of the session of the House of Representatives. The fact that the country's acute economic crisis, work, deputies said, the word "inflation", "devaluation" and the like in the Oval Hall did not sound.

Hopes that the deputies will take up the discussion of the problems mentioned today in queues all Belarus, appeared only in the middle of the meeting, when the podium Trade Minister Valentin Chekanov. Deputy Vladimir Kuzhanov asked:

"I went to the store I was here, not far from us, down the street Myasnikov. And see — a bottle of vodka is 9000, and the pounds of apples — 13,000. Can you comment? . "

The Minister replied. It turned out that the Belarusian apples until May not be saved. So you have to buy fruit abroad:

"Because of the instability of the foreign exchange market the same importers seriously into the price your own risk. The risk for dollars, which they buy at the interbank market. And, of course, this is not the course that would be in normal operation mode. It is understood that the price increases ".

Further, we do not deepen, as Valentin Chekanov recalled that the Commerce Department does not determine the price. They say that it is the prerogative of other ministries — the economy.

After the meeting, I asked some deputies why today they did not raise questions about the devaluation and inflation? It's now affects most voters, but even the deputies themselves, who get their salary in rubles. The response was almost the same: "I decided to wait until Friday."

On Friday, May 27, in the Oval Hall will be a joint meeting of both chambers of the National Assembly. On the agenda — Government responses to inquiries and questions from the parliamentarians.

A minister Chekanov also talked with journalists. Primarily the demand for food:

Excessive demand anymore. We are monitoring the situation daily.

"Excessive demand is gone. We are monitoring the situation daily. And today there is only an increased demand for salt, sugar. It is a little higher than normal. Vinegar, cereals, pasta and buy a little more than usual. "

The Economic Observer Constantine Skuratovich says that it all depends on the availability of money from the public:

"So I do not have time to buy a simple little television" Horizon "at 500,000. And now he is one and a half million. And here is the hype or will not, and before the new year, I would not buy it.

With products such situation. This industry — energy-intensive. And gasoline has become more expensive. It is necessary to pay for the gas. And so if the ruble will swoop down, then rush to the hype — the price will rise. Otherwise, the state of the economy. And people will buy less, so where is the money from? . "


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