Opposition presidential candidates will participate in Digression

In the Sunday, October 31, will be held in Minsk march and rally on the occasion of ancestral memory "Forefathers Eve." It is traditionally holds the Conservative Christian Party BPF. How is preparing for Memorial Day and will participate in the "Digression" potential presidential candidates.

The procession will start from the park Chelyuskintsev in Minsk and will be completed in Kurapaty — People's memorial to the victims of political repression.

Yuri Belenky

In This year, Action is preparing a familiar order, said the deputy chairman of the party Yuri Belenky.

"Before the" grandfathers "is no longer necessary to do some extraordinary efforts to bring the tract to the appropriate type, as that work is carried out during the year. This is the basic practical training. As for the event — the organizers of the training, squads — this is also rutynnaya daily work. "

Gregory Kastusyou

The presidential candidate of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou says that, too, has plans to participate in the "Digression", but the issue will be discussed with party members:

"Of course, in a sense, the party will take part — we shall meet and discuss, because do not know the script. But, of course," Forefathers Eve "for us — a landmark day. Least in my plans are."


On his partial participation in the "Digression" and said another presidential candidate, leader of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Mikola Statkevich:

"We have our own traditional event — we go to the grave of the party's founder, Mikhail Tkachev. But a part of the action we spend together, although I do not think a demonstration march on the sidewalks from the center. But this action is special, but because — yes."


Another candidate for the presidency Mikhalevich said he did not take part in the Day of memory, but not out of ideological and technical reasons:

"I now have the last days of the date of signatures, which is a very large organization block work. And, unfortunately, do not have time to even participate in such important actions."


Leader of the "Tell the Truth" and presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu said that to participate in the "Digression" does not refuse in any case:

"Grandparents" — is not only the people's tradition and the tradition of a democratic society in the fight against the regime. So it will definitely be involved. "

Vitaly Rymashevski

The presidential candidate of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski said that not only he will take part in the "Digression," but also calls to join all those who care:

"Certainly, I will go to the" Forefathers Eve, "the more that the march will be directed to Kurapaty. Little is reminded of the then political repression, and it's terrible. After all, if we no memory, as well as those who are now in power, than we are of They will differ, and what moral right do we have to present themselves as an alternative to them? Therefore, the "Forefathers Eve" is definitely a need to continue and carry that memory in people and expand. So I will go to the "Forefathers Eve" and encourage listeners of your radio, as well as all caring people of Belarus will join this march. "

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