Opposition to nominate 700 representatives in 6390 election commissions

Has launched a campaign to nominate candidates for precinct election commissions, which will be to count the votes in the presidential election on December 19. The opposition is going to send their representatives to only a tenth of the commissions. This representation makes it impossible to monitor the counting of votes across the country, but allows you to draw conclusions about the democratic electoral process.

According to the election schedule in advance polling station commissions will end on October 31. Until November 4 local councils and executives at the joint meetings should form the 6390 election commissions.

Opposition to the nomination committee coordinating the company does "For Free Elections", which includes 14 political parties and public organizations, including the Left Party "Fair World", the Belarusian Popular Front, the United Civil Party.

According to co-chairman of this company Sergei Kalyakin, planned to be allocated to district commissions of at least 500 people. Only the Belarusian Party of the Left "Fair World" will direct the commissions 270. In reality, from the campaign "For Free Elections" will have about 700 people, said Sergei Kalyakin. Some of the staffs of the opposition candidates — for example, the headquarters of Andrei Sannikov — also nominate their representatives to election commissions — by collecting signatures. But in any case, all the commissions of the opposition is not enough, in part because that much of the Democrats engaged in the initiative groups of opposition candidates.

Sergei Kalyakin

Sergei Kalyakin acknowledged that the opposition and does not attempt to cover all the fees:

"Even if we put forward 7,000 7,000 Commissions in all, this is no guarantee that the elections will be rigged. Because in most fraud mechanisms that are used today, involves one or two people out of commission. Basically it commissioners, their assistants and secretaries. "

According Kalyakina enough to monitor the work of 250 polling stations in order to conclude whether the elections were fair for the whole country.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the Commission include all the opposition, which will be pushed back. Usually through a vertical passes only about 15 percent of the allocated opposition. Thus, in the present circumstances the opposition can expect 100-120 delegates to the commissions, said Mr. Kalyakin:

"These people should be well prepared psychologically, they must be trained to have a high motivation to make full use of their rights. At the last local elections, we had 160 members of all committees. Of these, only 9 people have not signed the protocol or wrote a dissenting opinion. All the rest is actually consecrated this election. "

Vladimir Katsora

Coordination of the nomination of the opposition in the election commissions is at the regional level. In the Gomel region is engaged Vladimir Katsora. On He said, 90% advance in the commission comes from the party structures, the remaining 10% — by collecting signatures. But the enthusiasm of activists have not, says Katsora:

"Waiting for the one thing that does not include such weather … But if you do not turn on, then it will be the result, the main evidence that the government does not intend to continue to conduct fair elections and an honest vote count."

Activists of the campaign "For Free Elections" was sent to the Central Election Commission requesting to approve the draft decisions prepared by them, including over the fact that the formation of election commissions nominees of political parties should be given priority.

Nikolai Lozovik

According to the Secretary of the CEC Nikolai Lozovik, "While the appeal is pending." The position of the CEC in this matter is as follows:

"Of course, this principle is observed that one third were representatives of political parties and public organizations, at least one third. But first you need to see who these representatives, as authoritative and respected people are the voters."

Nikolai Lozovik also noted that the main criterion in the formation of election commissions — do not belong to political parties, and the "business acumen of the person nominated by the Commission and its authority, as far as he knows how to work with the law, respects the law and knows how to work with people . "

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