Or allow the opposition to the counting of ballots?

On November 1, begins the formation of the personnel of the district election commissions. It will close on Wednesday, November 3. And Sunday, October 31, was the last day on which the documents were taken from those who want to work in the precinct commissions.

The originality of election commissions is that here is the direct counting of the ballots. In total, the country set up such commissions 6390. The democratic opposition hopes to reach a tenth of all commissions. While this representation does not allow to control the counting of the ballots on equal, It allows to draw conclusions, as far as the procedure is in line with democratic standards.

14 democratic parties, organizations and initiatives have agreed to work together within the framework of the campaign "For Fair Elections 2010". Among them is the United Civil Party. Interested in the deputy chairman of the party Lev Margolin, how many people are allocated to district commissions:

"No data yet I have not."

Reporter: A plan? How many were going to?

Margolin: Plans have been great. We thought at least a thousand people to select. But how many actually happened, it's hard to say. After all, there came together two stages of the election campaign. 28 and 29 October needed take all the signatures that brought together a group of enterprising for our Party candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk. And at the same time should be allocated to district commissions. Therefore, there is not yet information.

In the regions, the situation is more accurate. The human rights activist, lawyer Sergei Housha from Baranovichy says:

"From Baranovichi organization TBM identified three people. Among them I am. From the party" Fair World "- seven people. Initiative group from Vladimir Neklyaeva — four people."

Mr. Housha with whom I spoke on October 31, said they were going to have to hand over documents by representatives of initiative groups Kastusiou, Romanchuk, Statkievich. And in the meantime Baranavichi 66 district commissions. Thus, even a member of the opposition, and one by one the commission will not work. Mr. Housha explains why it is impossible:

"It's easy to say why. Because you can allocate from political parties and public organizations. Yes, through the collection of signatures. But for the democratic social organizations here in Baranovichi, can be counted on the fingers of one hand, yes, maybe, fingers will be too much. C parties of the situation is similar. Branch though, but they are not officially registered. Offices are not given. Anyway, the same thing here, as throughout Belarus. Everything is done to ensure that one party was prykarytnyh and several community organizations. Everywhere "White Russia". Everywhere forced to join it. "

The personnel of the district commissions will be announced in the coming three days.


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