Or call Kalinowski Constantine?


Recently, a lot of publications, which states that our national hero Kalinowski actually was not called by Constantine, and especially not by Constantine, and — Vincent. Where is the truth?

Andrew White

Buduchy leader of the national liberation uprising in Lithuania, Belarus, born February 2, 1838 in the village of Mostovlyany Grodno region, which is now in Poland. After four days in the font book Yalavskaga church was recorded on Vincent Kalinowski, and on April 4 the newborn is registered under two names — Vincent Constantine.

Gentry family had a long tradition of often give their children a few names. For example, the older brother Kalinowski was baptized as Victor Otan.

Our other well-known national and rebel leader Kosciuszko officially named Andrew Tadeusz Banaventura. Few people know that the new classic of Belarusian literature (by the way, a young man — also the insurgents) Frantisek Bogushevich had another name — Benedict. Russian State Duma deputy from the Minsk province, and then the head was created in 1917 by the National Committee of the Belarusian Roman Skirmunt in official documents was called Roman Marian. However, Kosciusko, and Bogushevich and Skirmunt selected for permanent use, in fact, one name — should be that which is most preferred. Under these names we know them today.

A similar choice made for myself and Kalinowski. This is a lot of evidence. Make sure as he called himself, our hero, you can, picking up the documents and materials that "Rise of Lithuania and Belarus in 1863-1864." (Wiley, 1965) and deploying it on pages 82, 84-88, 159, 160, 167, 271, 272, etc.

In the Historical Archives of Lithuania maintains a list of students Svislochskiy school, which featured "Kalinowski Constantine." Many times mentions it under that name and the participant, and later historian uprising Askar Aveyde well acquainted with the commander of the Belarusian insurgents from the student years. In his memoirs Aveyde than once wrote: "My fellow University of Constantine Kalinowski …"

As for the name of Constantine, I think that parents, relatives and close friends can call Kalinowski so. Well, maybe with some modifications. Or maybe someone thinks that "Maryska charnabrova" bride rebel leader Maria Yamont called him Vincent Constantine?

Of course, under the official paper people had signed the name that you recorded in the metrics. Therefore, a number of documents actually found the name Vincent. "A nobleman Vincent Kalinovskiy" named our hero royal executioners during the announcement of his death sentence on the Vilnius Lukishki area. So, let us learn from them and change the name, which has long been enshrined in encyclopedias and in popular memory?

Honestly, sometimes it seems that we are dealing with a sort of national sadomasochism.

I can understand when trying to deal with this belorusofob, but forcing them to sing along with two or three authors, which in this phobia will not suspect. Honestly, sometimes it seems that we are dealing with a sort of national sadomasochism. Immediately brings to mind another example of it. One fellow writer with pathological obstinacy repeats in interviews that the Belarusian writers, they say, with their wives and lovers in bed talking in Russian. As if he was hiding in the closet, or standing by the bed with a flashlight.

But back to the Kalinouski.

Seizing the moment, I want to remind not only annoying, but I would say, offensive to our national dignity error. For decades, a memorial plaque at the site in Vilnius, where the commander of the insurgents made a last step the earth, reports that Kalinowski was born in 1836, making it over for two whole years. These "little things" the Belarusian embassy, obviously, do not worry. We must finally have their say the Society of Belarusian Culture in Lithuania.

I understand that it is much more difficult, but the approach of the 150th anniversary of our liberation uprising demands and the burial place of memorialization Kalinowski at the Vilnius Castle Hill.

Well, at the monument to the national hero of Belarus, who once must appear in Minsk will be written: "Kastus Kalinowski."


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