Ornithologists are not recommended to feed birds in summer

Urban birds in the summer should not be fed "junk food" — high-calorie seeds, grains, nuts — now they can feed themselves on their own, said RIA Novosti director of development of the Russian Bird Conservation Union (accompanied) Elena Zubakina.

"We do not recommend to feed birds in the summer, at least, the birds do not need it. Moreover, during the fledging need natural and varied diet. Should not no need to interfere with natural processes. While no studies on the summer feeding damage not but, for example, in England, are already much discussion about the dangers of feeding in the summer. Urban birds can get their own food, which suits them much more than seeds "- said Zubakin.

According Zubakin, sunflower seeds — a kind of fast food for the birds, which can help feathered survive cold winters, but not in the summer.

"Certainly any rule there are exceptions. For example, when there were forest fires in August 2010, the birds visit the feeder itself and needed feeding. Amateur ornithologists observed in winter 2010-2011, which had to increase the number of seeds in the feeder 2-3 times" — added Zubakina.

She also noted that the birds usually start asking people food in October-November, "visit the feeder and demand." At this time the birds problem starts with the production of food.

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