Orthodox Russia before and after the adoption of Christianity

Modern scholars, historians, and theologians ROC claim that Russia became Orthodox, only through the baptism of Rus and Byzantine Christianity spread among the dark, wild, steeped in pagan Slavs. This formulation is very convenient to distort history and belittling the significance of the oldest cultures of the Slavic peoples. We could know about the culture of the Slavic peoples and Faith Christian missionaries? How could they understand an alien culture? Here is an example description of the daily one of the Slavic Christian missionaries:
"The Orthodox Word and Rusyns dikiya people and the life of their wildly and shamelessly. Men and girls naked together locked in overheated hut and mistreat their Teles slashing each other tree branches mercilessly to exhaustion, after the run out naked and jump into the hole ice Ali snowdrift. And chill again run into the house to torture yourself bars. "

How else to understand the Greek Orthodox Byzantine missionaries simple ritual visit of the Russian bath. For them, it really was something wild and strange.

The word Orthodox means glorifying the good word of the Glorious Peace law, ie Light of the world of the gods and the ancestors of ours. In the modern sense, "academic intellectuals" identifies Orthodox Christianity and the ROC (Russian Orthodox Christian Church). An opinion that the Russian — is necessarily an Orthodox Christian. This formulation — is fundamentally wrong. Russian — hence, the Orthodox, the term is undeniable. But Russian, it is not necessarily a Christian, because not all Russian — Christians.

The name itself was given the Orthodox Christian bishops in the XI century (1054 AD), the split into eastern and western churches. Western Christian church centered in Rome, became known that the Catholic Universal, and the eastern Greek-Byzantine church centered in Constantinople (Constantinople) — Orthodox ie Faithful. And in Russia Orthodox Church appropriated the name of the Orthodox, because Christian teaching force to be spread among the Orthodox Slavic peoples.

Is it really necessary to have the people of Europe and Asia, Christianity? Or it was necessary to individuals aspiring to power? According to the teachings of Jesus Christ, all his commandments and actions aimed at the instruction of the Jews to the truth, that everyone of the 12 tribes of Israel could receive the Holy Spirit and to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. This is reported by the Christian Scriptures: Canonical and synodal (Bible or New Testament recognized separately) Apocrypha (St. Andrew, the Gospel of Judas and Simon, etc.) and non-canonical (Book of Mormon, etc.). Here's what they said:

"These twelve, Jesus sent forth, and commanded them, saying," in the way of the Gentiles, and do not go to the cities Samaritans enter ye not, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, and ye go preach to them that the kingdom of heaven '"(Matthew Ch .10, v. 5, 7).

"And Andrew asked Jonah, his disciple," Rabbi! how people carry the good news of the kingdom of heaven? "And Jesus said to him:" Go to the people of East, West and the peoples of the nations south to where the children live in the house of Israel. To the north of the Gentiles do not go, because they are without sin, and do not know the vices and sins of the house of Israel "(St. Andrew Chapter 5 Article 1-3).

Many may say, they say, it's — the Apocrypha in the Bible do not exist, Jesus sent the Savior to all peoples of the world. But Jesus told his disciples another, and in the Bible it says this:

"He answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel" (Matthew gl.15. Art. 24).

And in less than twenty years after the crucifixion of Jesus the Nazarene, as crowds of latter-day apostles and interpreters of Christ's teachings, not paying attention to Jesus' command, rushed north to the Gentiles, and the Gentiles, destroying ancient cultures and ancient faith northern people, saying, that they bear Love , Peace and Salvation from sin for all people. Their goal was aimed at increasing the followers of the Great Fisherman. In those ancient times, the followers of Jesus were called Nazarenes and their sacred symbol of the cross was not like trying to prove today, and the image of a fish.

The purpose of the later preachers, especially after the announcement of Christianity the state religion of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire, was quite different. Use the teachings of Christianity (created Jew Saul, later claimed to be the apostle Paul) for loosening the ancient foundations and renunciation of faith of their forefathers. Greater influence on people's minds, the enslavement of peoples and enrich themselves at the expense of others, though, in this case, they said, that all the riches go to the construction of the Church of Christ, the creation of the Temples, for services should not be run as before, in the caves. Any dissatisfaction with overwhelming force, and they built their church on the blood and bones of people who sincerely believe in the Teachings of Jesus Christ.

"And it came to pass that I beheld among the Gentiles the base of one of the great church. And the angel said unto me: Look at the foundation of the church, which is the most shameful of all other churches and put to death the saints of God, yea, and subjected to torture, and oppress them, and imposes a yoke of iron, and reduces them to slavery. And it came to pass that I beheld this great and abominable church, and saw that the devil was the basis of it. And I also saw gold and silver, silk and scarlet, fine twined linen, and all the expensive clothes, and I saw many harlots. And the angel said unto me: Behold, all this gold and silver, silk and scarlet, fine twined linen, expensive clothes and the prostitutes there are objects of desire that great and abominable church. And for the sake of human praise they destroy the saints of God, and reduces them to slavery "(Book of Mormon, 1 book of Nephi, gl.13, Article 4, 9).

All this, as established mechanism, was used for the Christianization of the European countries, and Russia is not an exception. How did it happened in Russia? After all, Russia had a rich culture, their religion in two forms: Ingliizm and Vedism. A special form of statehood — veche democratic republic. Each person was free and did not know what slavery, betrayal, lies and hypocrisy. Slavs respected the beliefs of other people, for Svarog keep the commandments, "Do not force the Holy Faith and force people to remember that the choice of faith — a personal decision of a free man."

As we know from the course of the history of the school, Russ baptized Kiev Prince Vladimir in 988 AD Unilaterally decided for all, which religion is the good and right, and what religion must confess to all Russian people. Why did this happen? What made Prince Vladimir Svyatoslavich abandon Vedic faith of their ancestors and to another faith — Christianity?

"6496 (988) Knyazhev Vladimir, son of Svyatoslav in Kiev alone, and he did not observe the laws and commandments of our gods and ancestors, and he was overcome by lust for women, and was insatiable in fornication and rastlyal girls and had a number of wives to 1000 and broke the commandment Svarog "on uniform wife husband must encroach, or else you will not find salvation." And the wise men came to Vladimir Mnogomudrye, told him are the words: "the punishment befall you, Prince, for Svarog not tolerate violations of his commandments, and do not expect our help, because we do not go suprotiv God of heaven." Since then, Prince Vladimir eyes ached, and the mist shrouded his eyes, when thou beheld it at the girls and women, and he was very grieved, and did not know what to do. And they came to him after the Greek, and offered the cross to avoid punishment Svarog. And heed the admonitions of the Greeks, denounced Vladimir Ancestors of the Holy Faith of his father and was baptized pagan, Christian, and got rid of the punishment of God, for Svarog does not punish a professed faith. And saw the light, abused the Shrine of the Orthodox Faith, Kummiry and images of gods and ancestors Pozega and Kummir Perun into the river to throw ordered. And he commanded the apostate prince Vladimir of Kiev baptizing by force, and those who do not want to baptize a cruel death ordered to betray "(Chronicle of Ancient Communities of Western Russia Ingliisticheskoy Church).

But the destruction of the Holy Faith Kiev one was finished. Princely retinue, together with Christian preachers, with fire and sword were on Russian soil, destroying the ancient Russian culture, ancient Russian church, temple, Sanctuary and Mounds, killing Russian clergymen: Kapenov, Magi, sorcerers and magicians. During 12 years of forced Christianization 9 million Slavs, who refused to renounce the faith of their forefathers, were destroyed, and despite the fact that all people, to the Baptism of Russia, it was 12 million. After 1000 AD destruction of the Slavic conservatives continued. This is confirmed by the ancient texts of the Russian annals, who retained the ROC.

"6579 (1071) … two of the rebels near Yaroslavl Magus … and came to Belozerov, and it was with 300 people. At the time, happened to come to collect tribute from Svetoslav Yan, son Vyshatinu … Yan is commanded to beat them and pull their beards. When they were beaten and pulled out of the split beard, Yan asked them: "What do they say you are gods?" … They said, "So we are gods they say: do not be alive to us from you." And he told them Yan: "That is what they told you the truth" … and seizing them, killed and hanged in an oak "(Laurentian Chronicle. PSRL, Vol.1, v.1, Leningrad, 1962).

"6735 (1227) There appeared in Novgorod Magi, nymphs, potvornitsy and many volhovaniya and potvory, and the signs were doing … Novogorodtsy also caught them and led the Magi to the court of Prince Yaroslav the men, and tied all of the Magi, and cast him into the fire, and then they are burned "(Vol.10 Nikon Chronicle, St. Petersburg. 1862).

Destroyed not only the Russian people, to profess faith or Vedic dovedichesky Ingliizm, but in its own way to interpret the Christian doctrine. Nikon's enough to remember a split in the Russian Christian church, how many innocent dissenters, Old Believers were burned alive, while not looking woman, man or child. Very good use of the Commandments of Jesus Christ: Thou shalt not kill, and love your neighbor as yourself. '

This inhuman destruction of the Russian Orthodox culture and the culture of other nations did not last a hundred, three hundred years, it continues to this day. Anything that contradicts the doctrines of the ROC, to be destroyed. The time of Peter the principle applies in Siberia. Tara enough to remember the riots of Summer 7230 (1722), which were suppressed weapons, many Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings and Orthodox Old Believers (dissenters) burned alive, many condemned to a cruel death, impaled.

All of this action was carried out with the blessing of bishops of the Christian Church. Absolutely do not want to blame the atrocities ordinary members of the ROC, true believers in the Savior Jesus Christ. Hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church but are trying to instill in their congregation intolerant of other faiths and to the Gentiles.

The twentieth century has not made changes in the relations of the ROC to other faiths, especially the Orthodox Old Believers Ynglings, which Christians are called to this day pagans. In the summer of 7418 (1910) was included in Omsk pagan temple (Temple) Signs Perun, not to annoy the Christians called it Znamensky temple or Znamenskaya church. In the summer of 7421 (1913) was consecrated temples of Pater Diem (Head of Board of Elders and the church, the High Priest) of ancient churches, Miroslav, and opened the door for the Orthodox-Ynglings or, as they called themselves, conservatives.

October 20, 1913 from the city of Novgorod Omsk came icon "Signs of the Queen of Heaven." And the bishop of Omsk and Pavlodar Andronicus is proposing to build a temple in Omsk, in honor of the "signs of the Queen of Heaven", which began collecting donations of people, but the August 1, 1914 began World War I, and the money collected to build the church, went to the war effort ( organization of military hospitals). Still, Bishop Andronicus found a way out of the situation at the end of 1916, he ordered Staroverov-Ynglings kicked Signs of the temple of Perun, the Temple was reconstructed and brought to the Temple of the icon "The Sign of the Queen of Heaven," and began to hold their services in another church.

So representatives of Omsk diocese disposed of before the revolution.

After coming to power in Omsk Bolsheviks Znamensky church was closed and it made a fitting center with heavy presses. In 1935, under the church basement and dug up some time on the presses of the walls of the church burst masonry. Now the room is used for the Temple auditorium training center "Omskpassazhirtransa" but a sanctuary where there were consecrated at the Old Believers and the inner sanctum (altar) for Christians, is used for a class for disassembling engines.

For those who do not know, the Temple of the Sign of Perun is located at Omsk, ul. Kuibyshev 119-A.

Repeated appeals from representatives of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy church in the regional administration on the return of the Temple, were futile, since this temple became Archbishop of Kyiv-claim Tara Diocese of Theodosius. And that there are no religious conflicts, Church decided not to let anyone yet. But knowing the context of the Archbishop Theodosius with the oblast administration, you can guess in advance, in whose favor the issue will be resolved.

There is another example of interference in the affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church of other faiths. Omsk and all residents of the area know about the existence of followers of Babaji's ashram in the village Okuneva Muromtsevsky district. Babaji's followers, as parishioners of Ancient Ingliisticheskoy church believe Omsk earth — the Holy Land, which imenatsiya — Belovodye. On this Holy Land followers Babaji perform their rituals, bring flowers and gifts to the established cult pole with a sign Om, because our ancestors came here to India and brought the Indians and Dravid teaching Vedas. For Indians, the Chinese, the Mongols, the land of the north — the Holy Land.

For all, but not for the Archbishop Theodosius. In 1993, he came to a cult and ordered Okunevo post thrown into the river (as well as the Kiev Prince Vladimir did to Kummirom Perun), and in its place established a Christian cross. It is not clear by what right he had done, because Okuneva no Christian church and never was, apparently acts Prince Vladimir of Kiev closer in spirit than the establishment of peaceful relations between the religions.

Two years later, in 1995, Omsk diocese will celebrate its centenary. Hundred years, it is not a thousand. Arriving at the ground Belovodye as uninvited guests, Christians behave as owners, stating that they are here — a thousand years, and only they have the right to exist, and training of the people of spirituality and culture. The authorities have decided not to intervene in acts of Theodosius, and it would be necessary, because the Archbishop Theodosius violates not only the RSFSR Law "On Freedom of Religion» N 267-1 of 25.10.1990, but both the Constitution.

In Omsk, and the region should live peacefully and there were people of all faiths, regardless of religious affiliation. Everyone should practice the faith or religion, which is closer to him by the Spirit, not to blush before the Gods, ancestors and descendants.

Dy Vladimir, chief of the Valley of Ancient Communities
Ingliisticheskoy Orthodox Old Believers' Church Ynglings.

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