This weekend at our house goes collector of signatures for the Democratic candidate X. For apartment dwellers users home Internet network builder and his campaign became the reason for the unexpected discussion.

"We will never vote"

Initially, the domestic online chatting appeared "says Sasha":

"My grandmother is drinking valerian. When no one was home, she opened the door, and a man without introducing himself asked for her passport, and that somewhere something signed. Now I adkachvayu her. Maybe someone to whom he comes to check his papers. "

After a while, the chat is another visitor:

"Man checked. Team single opposition. Several strange, but not a robber and a thief."

If the call to my door, I see on the threshold of a persecuted uncle. Instead of greeting, he reaches into his pocket, began to look nervously at her own passport and could not find it. A feeling that it closely checked at least 70 homes. I'm trying to calm a man propose to go into a room and sit down

"No, — said cowardly uncle — rather stand. No need for us to sit. Better we will stay on the loose!"

His speech, behavior, give it a rather insecure man. Several times guest makes it clear that "sat". I guess that it is "political" 15 days for participation in a stock. Prior to his current responsibilities in the public H. man team is quite responsibly. He's not campaigning for or against. Only hints. Of course, these hints and scared some elderly and lonely residents of the house, which is much smaller than I own situation.

"Do not be afraid, I write in the chat. Aferyst It is not, not criminal. He suffered unfairly because of his political views."

In response is:

"One hundred pounds — fail H. elections with the team suffered."

"Max" wrote:

"And you yourself will go from door to door to collect signatures? Where you rack up 100 thousand signatures of other people who are also well-argued as to bring happiness to mankind?"

"Ok17" writes:

"We went from house to house to nominate" their "W. in the parliamentary elections. If we come up with the mind, then you can do a lot."

From the discussion it appears that the only "ok17" will go to vote in the presidential election.

Pofigizm as a lifestyle

Most chatnikav known to me. They have a child of my son. It was young people born in the 1980s. In their lives, they have never been October or pioneers or Komsomol, or young members of the Communist Party. In contrast, even from its predecessors of the 1970s, they simply do not have the "Soviet historical memory", but no institutional memory at all. In the address of this generation specialists devised a variety of definitions — nihilists, conformists, hedonists … Although it seems to me, these characteristics are also valid for other age categories. With than one really agree with is the fact that the generation of the 1980s or the people, so to speak, computer literate in the next five to seven years to become the most active group in our society.

Somewhere I know of three people in our home network — denis, max i sasha according to their education are programmers. By the way, are they in its time, one of the first in the city, held in our house left home Internet network. In addition to access to the World Wide Web have the opportunity to discuss some news and new products, download this or that film, and computer programs. As the apartment is in one denisa porch with me, I often turn to him for a variety of computer tips. In the circles of Minsk programmers denis is a fairly advanced technician. Half of his friends after graduation, "zlinyala" work to the west. Denis himself also worked for several years in Germany, however, He said, could not stay there because this country makes him more depressed.

During the next establishment denisam my computer I show him one of the photos from 20 years ago. In the sandbox of our yard, he is already a schoolboy to explain something to a younger detsadavtsam, among them my son. I remember that at that time taught denis small scream "Non-daw" (if there was such an alternative to Yeltsin Shushkevich parliamentary candidate for the Supreme Soviet of the USSR), and also held true among younger politbesedy on which of the Belarusian Soviet politicians and the good who poor and for whom all need to vote. Of course, then the children broadcast the fact that their parents spoke at home. Parents believe in change, and in the society of the high political tension prevailed.

Improve the world need to start with yourself

Today denis almost nothing of what does not remember. He remembers only that the elections went only once in his life. It was the first time when Belarus was elected president. Denis then could not vote because of age, but went to the site for the company with his parents, who supported Pozniak. Gradually civic engagement in the family somehow disappeared. Parents, so to speak, "gone out of power," paglynulisya the profession to earn money to privacy and the purchase of an apartment for a young family of his son.

By the way, denis, along with his wife and child has been living in a different place. In the same two rooms large enough parental apartment, located his "private enterprise." I often meet denisa and his friends and colleagues in the stairwell when they smoke and discussing something on the computer language unknown to me. These are polite, nice young people with unconditional external reflection of freedom (for 20 seconds or more, they are able to easily and "napragu" look him in the eye) is often shocking others with unintelligible speech and behavior. They are interested in law, but is not interested in political events, and the more shares (as an exception unless the flash mobs or performances). They do not watch TV, they have their own music, their art, their own interests.

"You have to be discussed together with the members of the political situation?" — One day I asked denisa.

"Never," — he said.

"How do they relate to the fact that you do not go to the polls to vote for?"

"We have this never say. Rather, they, too, do not go. Perhaps some and go and vote, but it is mechanically vote, no matter for whom."

"And then live?"


"But then you have to accept the imperfection of the world, which, of course, affects the quality of the parallel lives. Did not want to still improve the world?"

"To begin with the need to improve the world itself. Indeed system with which everyone is fighting, it is not on the streets, not in government buildings, not on TV and not with those who proudly call" gray mass. "She — within each, and only there it can be beaten. "


"If you kill a laziness, indifference, fear, government, honor and contempt for others. The only way to survive and live in parallel. Sake of themselves and their loved ones."

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