Paranormal Sverdlovsk Triangle discovered specialists

February 11, 2012 10:12

Ufologists found near Yekaterinburg paranormal zone — "Sverdlovsk Triangle."

According to «Just Media», in the last 1.5-2 years from townspeople reports of unexplained phenomena.

"The place is already known. Demarcate the area can from the Quran to Novosverdlovskoy CHP and along the ring road. Houses are not, in the main — the gardens. We at intervals of a few months to be reported from the townspeople.

People often wander there, although a relatively small area. Some have seen this place on unidentified flying objects, "- said the representative of the Russian UFO Research Station Alexei addicts.

Ural ufologists repeatedly went after the UFO reports to the area, hoping to find evidence of the alien's visit. However, while the search failed.

Another anomalous zone Yekaterinburg region can become academic. City residents have repeatedly reported on the strange celestial phenomena in the sky in the area. "Academic — also known in terms of abnormal phenomena in the future — Alex otmechet addicts. — This direction toward the Mountain Shield. And then the locals have told of strange celestial phenomena. Some just said they saw a flying saucer. Typically, these objects move always in one direction — from west to east. Apparently, the "scan" Yekaterinburg and then fly away. "

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