Paratroopers localized fires in Tuva

Paratroopers completed the forest fire in Tuva, and will soon be sent to other parts of the country, RIA Novosti spokesman FFA Vladimir Dmitriev.

"In Tuva, fires have been contained, and the overall situation has stabilized. Supposed paratroopers in the number 80 back to base in Kyzyl and rest, but most of all, they have to go to extinction in other regions of Russia. In the next two hours it will become clear whether they will go to the Krasnoyarsk region to help put out the fires, "- said Dmitriev.

It clarifies the agency in early June in Tuva complicated situation with forest fires in the region, there were 14 fires at once on more than 6000 acres. When extinguishing fires killed 8 Tuvan paratroopers. Cause of death of firefighters, according to the commission FFA, was a confluence of adverse weather circumstances: dry storm and suddenly a strong gust gusty wind.

"Install dry and hot weather with squally winds and lightning contributed to the spread of fire and makes the work of forest protection," — said the FFA.

FFA at the request of the government of Tuva sent June 13 178 paratroopers "Avialesookhrana" (a division of the Federal Forestry Agency) to assist local firefighters.

According to the Forestry Agency, for the period from 7 to 12 June paratroopers have been contained five fires in an area of about two hectares and put out six fires in the area of two thousand hectares.

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