People of the Unknown Ocean

April 14, 2012 13:17

In 1963, the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle was covered scale exercises of the Navy United States. As the combat mission of the perfected search and seizure of enemy submarines (and the military, and the public were convinced that American territorial waters foraged Soviet submarines). Expectations were quick to confirm: radar caught a hostile submarine, and immediately followed the order — persecution and defeat. Unexpected object's speed at 350 kilometers per hour has stunned Americans. Union was able to create a really super fast submarine? The following assumption: it is a giant unknown animal, capable of reaching over six kilometers a second and jump out of the water. After a few hours of observation, it became clear: the U.S. Navy faced an extraterrestrial craft.

Underwater ghosts

Random evidence of witnesses that they suddenly saw a strange and unknown vehicles began at the end of the war. In 1947, an American pilot Arnold, flies in his own plane over the state of Washington, saw nine flat glowing disc flying at a speed of about 2,600 kilometers per hour. Press originally blowing this fact to the size of mass hysteria, later announced an experienced pilot a liar, but he defended the rest of his life what he saw.

All the reported cases were in some way connected with the air. It was then and there acronym UFO or UFO — Unidentified Flying Object. Became a surprise revelation sailors that similar strange incidents have repeatedly occurred in the water. Humanity, trying to comprehend the cosmos and spending billions of most foreign currencies to build rockets for the development of the galaxy, completely lost sight of the world's oceans. Elements of water, taking up nearly 71% of the planet, in fact keeps great many secrets.

Three years before the discovery of a strange submarine during an exercise in the U.S. waters of Argentina were two strange zapelengovany submarine — one lying on the ground, the second commit on it a circular motion. At length they were about 30 meters, a width of 15 meters. This time again came under suspicion fleet USSR — who still need to be in foreign waters, nor omnipresent troublemaker? Unexpected attack with tons of depth charges was not a success: boats at breakneck speed went from under his nose and interrogated, disappeared from sight, and suddenly appear in another place. And instead of the two they suddenly became four, then six — bewildered pursuers were shocked. At the same moment the submarine disappeared in the depths of the ocean. Similar cases were repeated and then, but always disappeared underwater ghosts — the lightning plunged down, then, a bullet flying out of the water, were carried away into the sky. Around the world, with the exception of Norway and Sweden, in the waters of which the most frequently appeared unidentified submarine, it was clear: the Union to do with it, because no existing technology in the world can not connect aircraft and submarines and to dive at a rate which can neither underlying instruments or marine animals. It was about the saboteurs from another world. What the? The answer to that could give anybody. In his memoirs, submarine commander Alexei Korzhev openly declares: "Neither we, nor the Americans submarines reach speeds of over three hundred miles an hour, and there is not expected." Confirms this and Igor Kostov, another submarine commander: "In my view, all that is associated with low dives six miles in a matter of seconds, could be explained only by the animal origin of such facilities, but no whales or other underwater inhabitants can not it do. "

In the late 60's, one after another came the strange disappearance of four submarines: the Soviet K-129 of the French "Minerva," Israel's "Dakar" and the pride of the U.S. Navy nuclear-powered submarine "Scorpion". In three cases, next to them were seen swimming by unknown means. The impression that the unidentified flying objects have moved to act. The fact that the disappearance — it their hands, there was no doubt. Proof of this was a chance encounter with a U.S. submarine strange underwater object with no bulges or no external windows. Both boats sank. Walking by escorts managed to raise the surface of a piece of the strange object. But the second dive failed: locators caught near the sudden appearance of 15 new submarines, which took place in the ring of the accident. A few hours later they rapidly disappeared, and with it disappeared and the remnants of an American submarine. The analysis found plating reported: metal is unknown, some of the components are not found on Earth.

To date, the country's statistics craft shows over 2000 cases. Manifested their activity has led to the following conclusions: we learn, do not show aggression, however, was found to explain the disappearance of one of the other submarines in 1968. None of the objects could not be swimming or just catch, or even close to it. Attempts by governments Scandinavian countries, giving orders to catch their chains and even bomb deep bombs, nor to no avail.

Up until 1995, Norway and Sweden have thought that behind all this there are Russian submarine, so show the world Russian hostility meant anti-Russian world. Bomb attack in 1972, NATO ships Norwegian Sofnaford recreation center in order to squeeze out the aliens from the territorial waters has caused a reaction. Hundreds of people — military, scientists, casual witnesses — have witnessed a strange parade, showing unprecedented power and underwater weapons and celestial fleet of unknown origin: underwater ghost giant floats to the surface, the sky appeared strange glowing objects flying over the sea at an unreal speed made unexpected maneuvers black helicopters with no markings. If such an unprecedented move made the Soviets, it was in fact a declaration of war — World War III. Playing the Russian card was pointless — created in '95 Swedish Parliament special committee formally announced to the world, eliminating the usual activities of the fleet, all evidence cast doubt on their earthly origin.

Quakers get in touch

In the eighties of the last century, the underwater world is once again alerted the military and the scientific community. Advanced submarine began to catch the strange sounds that permeated the underwater space sound wave-like croak. The strange sound phenomenon called Quakers. Commander of a nuclear submarine Igor Kostev tells of the Quakers, "When it (Quaker) Look, it resembles something like a croaking frog croaks at first rapidly, then the long-drawn, and then falls silent." To study this phenomenon on the orders of the General Staff of the Navy in the intelligence set up a special group that carried out several expeditions deep into the ocean.

Scientists have long argued about the nature of origin of sounds. Arose and destroyed one after the other assumptions that it is nothing more than a development Americans, or jammers, though in reality, except for the sound effect, the Quakers did not interfere with submarines, or multiple elements of a global navigation system, it was very doubtful because such a project was clearly an extremely costly and technologically malovozmozhnym. Commander of the Navy from 1985 to 1992 Vladimir Chernavin reported that all these versions are quickly refuted: "It was believed that these sonar systems — stationary, the Americans set them to detect our submarines. Similar systems are already in place, for example, SOSUS, but they were ineffective. We also had anti-submarine warfare forces, but due to the fact that these objects were in the form of huge floats and completely cover their entire world ocean was beyond the power even of our industry, it became clear that the direction finder to steady it has nothing to do " . The strangest version of it has been speculated that the Quakers — a tool of psychological attack. Imagine that many months to find an iron coffin under water, combined with the most severe discipline extremely damaging psychological balance of the crew. Especially, when the combat mission additional stimuli clearly submarine overlaid on all sides and made strange sounds were maddening submariners. However, the version is not confirmed: hardly would the U.S. government could come up with such a thin and ineffective move.

Collecting data on the Quakers were not only scientists. Former submariner Igor Costa in his memoirs, clearly indicates that the study of this phenomenon was part of the duties of the crew: "The Quakers — one of the main objects, followed observe and describe them, where it is located, if more than one, it is necessary to was to fix their building — geographic and geometric. "

Submarine commander Alexei Korzhev also monitored the Quakers on special directives and came to the conclusion that the Quakers are constantly moving, "Even those finders that we have established, over time migrated. Returning to the combat mission, I've been tracking dots representing Quaker place of discovery, which we pre-loaded onto the card and realized that they do not, and if they match, then these places are marked with different acoustic emission characteristics. "

Studying the duration, amplitude and pitch inexplicable "croaking" special group concluded: strange objects are configured to communicate! Moreover, they want something to say, and especially sensitive to sonar signals emitted by submarines. But who is trying to contact and how to decipher the strange language system? Special group and did not have time to answer this question, by government order, it was disbanded. According to the chief of the General Staff of the Soviet Navy Intelligence George Kwiatkowski ambiguous: "These issues are dealt with the Academy of Sciences, our Institute and many other departments concerned underwater noise, but later on it for some reason (!) Dismissed. May not be the detection of submarines, which inexplicably distributed throughout the world's oceans. " As a summary of scientists — strange sounds are of biological origin and comes from plankton and killer or a yet unknown species of living beings. But divers have their own opinion on this point: they believe that the activity of the Quakers increases only in certain places, as if the submarine entered the waters of original "nest." That strange submarine and Quakers connected, no doubt. Maybe somewhere in the depths of the ocean are underwater base of unidentified objects.

Lighthouses for foreigners

Since ancient times, art seascape noted strange feature some pictures — some of them on the surface of the sea was covered with watercolor strange centrifugal ring from which a large wave. Color rendering reflections and shades prompted the theory that these objects are lit up.

During one of his many krugosvetok noticed a strange glow of the sea and Thor Heyerdahl, who was well known, that at different times and in different nations, these shafts of light known as the "wheel of the Buddha," or "Devil's Carousel." Strange unexplained anxiety filled the traveler and his team. Fear, panic, partial paralysis lasted for as long as shining surface.

In 1969, a team of Soviet research vessel "Vladimir Vorobyov" awoke from a nervous psychological sense of foreboding. Jumped on board the Russian sailors have seen amazing and very beautiful phenomenon: eight broad rays long revolved around two hundred meters to the Arabian Sea at a speed of a good rally car. Fixed sonar ship "hovering" directly under the keel LOB. Half an hour later the two phenomena have disappeared.

Everything I saw could not possibly be a mass hallucination. Because the powerful glow that describes actions subsequently noticed even astronauts in orbit. Confirmed the strange glow, and Chief of the Navy of the USSR Viktor Chernavin: "I had to watch as the light draws unexplained and very beautiful pictures on the surface of the water during my first circumnavigation of nuclear submarines." But then again intervened in the case, scientists, for whom skepticism was probably dictated more than a necessity. Such light effects, they argue, is a normal feature of life plankton. Indeed, some species of marine protozoa tend to shine, and the water itself can emit light friction on technique and beating waves, but how to explain the fact that, taken after a glow water samples showed a complete absence of the general any microorganisms . And what a living being can be so perfectly balanced and rotated with such speed? Many years later, after studying the oddities of the ocean at the state level, the veil of secrecy finally start reopened. Navy intelligence veteran of the USSR Igor Barclay admitted: "We had information that in the oceans, seas, our inland waters observed a strange glow."

Most active "Wheel of Buddha" is recorded in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. By the way, over time, have been seen and other forms of luminescence: triangles, squares, stripes. Veteran submariner Vladimir Azhazha describes the light effects as powerful underwater floodlights, which permeates hulls. The question arises as to whether these light effects giant lighthouses to navigate any new aircraft unknown to mankind?

All the mysterious phenomena gradually developed into a chain: source emission are often prominent luminous objects that were even recorded by the camera, a strong light radiation emitted and all the same inexplicable submarine. Many of these events are accompanied by the presence in the air of unusual aircraft, which we usually call a UFO! During the revitalization of the strange ghosts technique fails, and the observers there is a strong feeling of fear. Who are they? Why come to Earth? Why they are not afraid to appear on the eyes? Monitor whether they have or something warn? All these questions many times arose in the minds of those who witnessed the strange events in the ocean. A long silence "marine issues" confirm all submariners. Only on some halo of secrecy begins to dissipate, because hide the presence of unexplained phenomena on Earth no longer possible: Thousands of civilians have seen all of the above. We have been dismissed from another's presence and unique too believed the human race.

Mankind has mastered space in hopes of finding life beyond the Earth. The universe contains much disturbing consciousness secrets. However, next to us is a real kosmos, which may have long deployed alien saboteurs. Puzzles that we toss the ocean, far from understanding, but the fact that we were being watched, cold breath of a stranger pushing us in the back. Who can explain to those interested in humanity and the earth's hydrosphere who is home? The truth is somewhere out there.

Commander of the Navy from 1985 to 1992 Vladimir Chernavin: "The whole hype raised about these boats, which resulted in the international arena have been presented different evidence: record noises that were analyzed. Later, however, proved that our submarines these noises have no relationship. Scandinavian Navy, showing a submarine, was blocked by the Gulf chains, networks, even bombed. They believed that the huge, hairy hungry Russia wants to swallow a small landscaped Sweden, saying that Soviet midget submarine penetrated even into the drain line with a diameter of 1 meter. Fled to the concrete toilet bowl, or what? In the end, they got me so in one of the press conferences, I said, turning to you and your government, you caught our submarine, destroyed it, and I'll tell you thank you for what you did and showed us the remains of the submarine, for what you have destroyed us! ".

From 1987 to 1992, Chief of the General Staff of the Navy Intelligence Yuri Kwiatkowski: "I was sent on a submarine on active service in the Faroe-Iceland abroad. In one of the nights of February, we had to ascend to ventilate the boat and recharge the batteries. Looking around the horizon through the periscope, I saw something strange: in the sky shining brightly ellipse spot. This could not possibly be the moon because the moon was present in another part of the sky, the ship could not be because the subject was hanging over the sea. This is something orange-red created strange psychological sense, even fear. We have decided to do is not logged, since we were not able to explain it, and dive and continue the task. Once the boat returned to the base, all the commanders met with me, and in the conversation, I confessed to the boys that he had seen all sorts of oddities. Immediately Victor Kulakov, the commander of the submarine, which went on this line in front of me, said he repeatedly saw the same thing in the same area. Tried to approach, to understand what it is, but to no avail — the object remained unattainable. What is this, no one knew, and to log or report where you want about this, the thought did not arise. "

Igor Barclay, a veteran of the Navy Intelligence: "On receiving information of our ships, boats observed increased electromagnetic field under water repeatedly machinery broke down, if seen to close an abnormal phenomenon. Where do these bundles of energy — is not clear, but there are many facts. "


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