Phantoms around us and within us!

July 16, 2012 18:33

  Animal fear and the constant sense of danger — as Nicholas describes the experience Malebka hike to the village (this place is considered to be anomalous in our country). But the real horror of the History Department student felt when he returned from the expedition and was looking through photos taken in the camp at night. In the images appear the shapes of phantoms, and scientific explanation for this "optical illusion" is not.

"Morning of Russia"

Poltergeist is haunted not only by the owners of apartments. By such unexplained phenomena could not pass and researchers unknown. The largest Russian ufologists, such as Yuri Fomin, Valery Fomenko, Andrew Pryyma Igor Vinokurov, Andrew Lee, spent years studying the poltergeist. They put forward a number of interesting and sometimes very exotic hypotheses.

Poltergeist — the remains of terrestrial shells of dead people, the flow of the invisible ether, spontaneous telekinesis teenagers.

Recently, it added another hypothesis expressed by Andrei Dorohotovym, deputy chairman of the Union of Russia UFO.

For many years, Andrew Dorohotov addressing the issue of UFOs. He often has to travel to the place of occurrence of these mysterious objects, talk to people, to make contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. He drew attention to the frequent coincidence of two events: the long UFO hovering around some buildings and then the appearance in one of his apartments "noisy spirit".

-I've always wondered extremely low intelligence "noisy spirit", — said Andrey Dorohotov. — He is somewhere on the level of well-trained dogs. See for yourself. The apartments where he lived "noisy spirit" are totally illogical, nonsensical from a human point of view of the event. People wash down their scare falling cabinets, flying objects. The cabinets explode things. It seems like a primitive jokes primitive mind. But what is interesting. People living in apartments, direct physical damage is usually not harmful. I was in the same house where the air flying heavy objects: irons, hammers. They carried with great speed, but closer to the face of man, for one to two centimeters before the collision suddenly stops abruptly in the air and fell to the floor. One gets the impression that there is, do all these things, it has been a very serious suggestion that prevents a person to cause significant harm.

-What is this creature, where they came from?

-In my opinion, they come to the ground with a UFO from outer space. Many ufologists now believe that UFOs — space ships, arriving on our planet — have the energy basis. Ships sailing in our seas, overgrown shells that are transferred from one bank to another. A similar phenomenon occurs in space. UFO cling to power essence, with them arriving on another planet. In the places of occurrence or hovering UFO, they are separated from them and settle in nearby apartments.

-But what requires these entities apartment. Are they afraid of rain?

-They need the energy released by people. Most people it radiates in stressful situations. These energy beings and arrange for people experiencing acute and fueled by fear of their energy.

-But if the "noisy spirit" came to us from the other world, how can we explain the illiterate notes found in some of the apartments, where he lived?

-Besides entities, arriving with UFO from "distant" space, these ships can capture essential membrane of dead people who are in the "near" to the Earth Space. To prolong its existence, they need to recharge the energy of the person. These essential shell preserved remains of the mind of the people they belong to, so even though their actions and seem primitive, crude, but can be partly understood in human terms.

Hypothesis proposed by Andrei Dorohotovym seem unusual, but it explains some facts eluded other ufologists. Poltergeist researchers have found that during periods when "noisy spirit" appears very often, interspersed with quiet years. Exactly the same wave activity and quiet and there are UFOs. Comparing the newspaper reports of UFO sightings, encounters with space aliens with notes on anomalous phenomena occurred, including those that can justifiably be attributed to the poltergeist, you can see that they are roughly the same areas. Both of these patterns are a logical explanation, if we agree with Andrew Dorohotovym that poltergeist arrives from outer space.


Folk Tales — an inexhaustible storehouse of valuable information. Getting a grasp carefully listening to their sound, you can learn a lot about the history of the particular characteristics of the nation, the relationship in the family and in the state — everything that makes up the "soul" of the nation.

But there is an amazing formation in folk tales, which, apparently, does not carry any useful information. This fairy tale. Here, for example, which is useful for the reader himself can benefit from a fairy tale "Bezruchko"? Slandered the young woman's husband cuts off his arms and kicks her with a baby at home. She goes through the woods, is a child in the lap, holding the dress with his teeth. Along the way she comes across a shallow pit. Poor woman wants to get drunk. She leans over the water, forgetting himself, let the edge of the hem. A child falls into a well and drowned. Forgetting everything else, distraught mother leaning over the well, her hands suddenly grow up and she picks up her child. It takes a moment, and … hand was gone.

So what happened? A miracle? Why did this episode in the story?

I am present at a scientific meeting hosted by the Foundation parapsychology them. L. Vasilyev and on the problems of consciousness. More recently, the consciousness of doing only psychologists and psychotherapists. Now they are interested in physics. "Fresh" look at old problems immediately brought interesting results. And that is particularly true representations of phantoms.

Introduced the concept of phantom Jean Pierre Abbatuchchi in 1894. The word is translated from French means "ghost." The essence of the phenomenon is real sensation objectively missing arm or leg. One of the most famous neuroscientists of our time, Ronald Melzak explains the nature of this phenomenon: "In order to feel your own body, it is not necessary to have." This understanding of the phantom does not contradict the occult notion of it, as the etheric double of man. And it is this interest in two physicists at the conference with their reports, the scientific explanation of the occult concepts.

One of them — Ivan Rodshtat from Moscow Fryazino regards mental aspect of the problem, the second — Colmar Harauzov from St. Petersburg — the physical.

Phantom effects after amputation, according to I. Rodshtata, are not accidental. The statistics, recorded by physicians. They have from 70 to 98 percent of people. Typically, spontaneous movements are done without the will of the phantom patient.

The most intriguing moment, according to I. Rodshtata associated with autonomous materialization phantom. Some patients not only feel, but see their amputated phantom. As proof of the reality of materialization scientist leads strange effects arising sometimes mediums. The researchers describe the isolation of their so-called ectoplasm at a session on the materialization of ghosts. This ectoplasm is separated from the medium, a hazy cloud floating in the air, and in some cases, the "eyes" of those present is dense substance, becoming more or less clear outlines concrete body. It seems that this ectoplasm really has the properties of a material body. When she abruptly pulled into the medium, such as an unexpected turn of light, his skin found "bruises and abrasions."

Now we note one important fact to explain fairy tales. When you exit from the phantom body observed certain physiological changes. Reduced CO2 content of arterial blood, which leads to changes in the concentration of hydrogen ions in the brain. Cerebral blood flow can be halved compared to the norm. All this determines brain tissue hypoxia. Changes synchronized brain activity, such as delayed or increasing amplitude alfaritma. Man falls into a state called trance, and he is often unaware of this.

After listening to the second report of physics from St. Petersburg, you can see where bruises and abrasions. K. Harauzov came to explaining the phantom, based on the idea of the existence of a particular form field, torsion matter. By analogy with the formation of a magnet — field of the magnet can be called brain-box. World apart from the real component of the field has a copy of everything that is stored in the memory space. Some conditions of our consciousness, especially in a trance, the copy begins to "work" and produce a certain effect. An example of the reality of the impact of the phantom formed by our minds Harauzov believes a poltergeist, which is expressed in the movement of objects, teleportation, spontaneous combustion and other yet unexplained phenomena of modern physics.

Let's return to the tale of Bezruchko. The mother, seeing her child dies, falls into a trance, and she manages to copy a field with his hands to make a real physical effect. Such cases are not only in fairy tales.

The head of the Explorers Club, the unknown "Barabashka" Yegor Usachev told me about the amazing case, in Podolsk. Nicholas R. was discharged from the hospital with the diagnosis — his left leg amputated. He was in his room and read a book, was completely immersed in the exciting experiences of the characters. There was a knock at the door. Nicholas went to her, and opened only then, remembering that he had no legs, fell to the floor …

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