Phobos: the weekend in Moscow will be 35 degrees, there will come a cycle of intense and prolonged heat

The strongest this year wave of hot weather will cover Moscow in the second half of the week, the temperature will rise up to 35 degrees, said on Monday the weather specialist center "Phobos".

"Earlier this week, daytime temperatures will not exceed plus 30 degrees. On Tuesday, at night the air warms to only 15-17 degrees, the same day warms up to plus 27-29 degrees, "- he said. Then, he said, will begin a gradual increase in temperature, which will peak in the second half of the week.

"On Thursday comes the intense heat cycle, the most intense and prolonged in the season that will last in Moscow until early August. Daytime temperatures will exceed the mark of 30 degrees on some days reaching 33-35 degrees plus ", — noted meteorologist.

He said that increased heat will come under the influence of a blocking anticyclone, which in the Moscow region starts flowing, dry air from the Middle East.

"The night will also become more warm and muggy: Friday plus the temperature reaches 20 degrees on Saturday — plus 23 degrees" — said meteorologist.

He predicted that Saturday could be the hottest day of the week: the temperature reaches 35 degrees plus. "On Sunday, expected short showers and thunderstorms that will soften a little hot weather. Daytime temperatures down to plus 31 degrees ", — concluded the forecaster. RIA "Novosti"

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