Pinsk — burial, but the official mourning NO

Today in Pinsk hide avyarav explosion Pinskdrev. Burial took place without public memorial service. Each family was coming apart at the cemetery after the funeral. Subject explosions and the number of victims and continue the loudest in Pinsk.

Relatives of those killed and injured in the explosion and fire at the city-forming enterprise city officials expressed sympathy online town hall.

Leaders' Pinskdrev "on the other hand has decided to allocate 10 million rubles to the families of dead and three million victims in the accident.

Pinsk residents outraged that information on the effects of explosions voiced very little. Perhaps it is the efforts of the company, said a local resident:

"Hushed up this issue. Director of "Pinskdrev" pinches people. Nevertheless, it is generally known that safety there is very low. That is why the accident occurred. Officially reported several deaths. But this is not known. They say that actually killed a lot more. "

Townspeople regurgitate word of mouth that hide information from them. But a lot of work in this business and they know that some of the processes of life-threatening.

Formalin, which are glued fiberboard — extremely vybuhanebyaspechny. And for the production of hardboard to a very high temperature. Thus, as told to "Freedom" pensioner who adpartsavav an enterprise in '41, before the accident one step:

"It's really a terrible production. Now, after so many years I do not feel no smell at all, because so much was breathing formalin. "

House pensioner not far from the plant. Behind the large fence is adorned and shop, where the explosions occurred. The explosions were so strong that they literally went home shaking.

Local resident continues:

I just sitting on a chair by the stove when the explosions occurred. I already flew on this bench.

"I just sitting on a chair by the stove when the explosions occurred. I already flew on this bench. And that — it's just a house already reeling! After the explosions immediately begins to smoke. "

Neighbors heard explosions well. Many were at home at the dinner were doing something in the yard when the incident occurred, said a resident of Pinsk home which is in front of the shop:

"I'm just chopping wood, when explosions were heard. The interval between every two seconds. The explosions were so strong that a neighbor povybivalo glass. "

Among the witnesses — a lot of talk about the hospital and brought back to the company of people with injuries, said a local resident, whose daughter works at the hospital:

"My daughter has just been on duty that day. She does not like to talk about what happened, but said he did not see it, God forbid. She worked as a time in intensive care. "

By this time the area cordoned off by the plant. Security officers do not let anyone on the site of the explosion.


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