Pinsk dwellers do not trust the authorities

The plant management "Pinskdrev" restricts access to the factory. Only state television has obtained permission, and it is limited.

Lack of information about the explosion in the factory shop "Pinskdrev" provokes the emergence of different views, for example, regarding the number of victims.

Says one of the employees of the plant, in fact, killed far more people than is announced officially. Residents of Pinsk call different numbers. So, had to hear that, immediately killing even a few dozen people, some say 5-8 victims who have seen with their own eyes. These conclusions are supported by the first power of the explosion. A resident of Pinsk home which is exactly opposite the shop, said the well could be heard two explosions. And in his neighbor's blast knocked out the window. The balconies nine homes, which is further fall flowers.

According to residents, the ambulance arrived quite late. Maybe tomorrow will be to bury the dead.

Another effect of the explosion was that the shop where they make fiberboard, standing boilers with glue, from which hazardous substances were in the air. Some teachers advise children not to go out, saying, formalin is carried around by the wind.

According to people at the time of the explosion was in the shop all the change that works up to 15 hours. And the changes are not 29 people appear officially, but about 40 people.

Many of the townspeople afraid something to comment and voice. "Pinsk Wood" — forming enterprise. A lot of work there.

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