Pinsk, new blast victim

Today it has become aware of the death of two people injured in the explosion on October 25 at the "Pinsk Wood". Thus, the amount of blast victims increased to five. And also today at the facility's posted a list of 48 names of people who were at the time of the explosion at their workplace. In the administration of the enterprise, as well as in Pinsk city executive committee officials did not provide comments and refuse to talk about the new details about why the tragedy occurred.

At the entrance of JSC "Pinskdrev" that the street Chuklay St. Ivan, only now there is information about the number of people who worked on October 25 in the shop at the time of the accident. In the list includes 48 people. Also there was also information about those who died today. This is — Mihaevich Alexander, Born in 1976 — machine operator, and Sakovitch Ekaterina, Born in 1986, — the master foreman of particle separation.

The site "Pinskdrev" indicated that the families of victims have received three million rubles, although in the beginning it was announced the decision to allocate 10 million. The official representative of the company declined to provide additional information, citing the fact that all the supposedly announced on the website:

"All official information is available on the website. So please look there. Nothing more to add to what is written can not. Excuse me."

In Pinsk October 27 flags at half-mast. City Council posted on the website sympathy to the families of the victims. Mourning, though not announced, says the ideological department of the City Council:

"Mourning was at the funeral. But now there is no burial. When will the funeral, and then a decision is made about mourning. Thus, the flags at half-mast. Mourning But some do not. All information, please visit the Executive Committee."

However, says local resident Elena, a worker "Pinskdrev" in extremely heavy atmosphere. Literally everyone is talking about the incident, the victims.

Meanwhile Pinsk announced a charity sporting event. Clarifies Ms. Elena:

"Is going to a football match people to come to him, and proceeds to transfer the victims. On the radio there was a call to bring the badger fat. Surely it can not buy? Those who do so are fat, but it's very expensive."

As a result of the accident, many were left without work. Previously, officials have officially declared that the victims will be provided with job placement assistance, but actually happened quite differently, Helen continues:

And the attitude of the people — just as to some laborers …

"Citizens are afraid to say something. A relationship to the people — just as to any laborers. The men suffered were the victims. But for all that they have to go and ask for work. A guide when it offers another position the payment is several times smaller. Everybody has a family, it is necessary to support their children. "

Families of the victims were in an extremely difficult situation. Some victim was the only one who kept the whole family. Mother of the late Igor Mugi lives in a house with no central heating, his wife is studying by correspondence, takes care of disabled son:

"I do not know how I will without a son. He's the one was karmilets. My father died, my brother died, her husband died. And now the fourth burial. Do not know why I so like to go through it."

List of victims in hospitals, according to the Pinsk Central Hospital:

In Pinsk Central Hospital:

First Plates Sergey, 1985
The second Silent Tatiana Yavstafevna, 1955

At the regional hospital of Brest:

First Hamlyuk Alexander, 1959
The second Smirnov Oleg O., 1981
Third Goroshko Edward V., 1977
Fourth Alexander Moroz, 1987
Fifth Ermak Paul Antonovich, 1976

In the emergency hospital in Minsk:

The first Victor K. Zhukovsky, 1955
The second Kvashali Oleg, 1962
Third Shynkaruk Alexander, 1974
Fourth Kazyur Gennady Fedorovich, 1964
Fifth Nikolai Shevchuk, 1950
Sixth Kolodych Alexander, 1987
Seventh Gladun Natalia, 1967
Eighth Pilevich Vitali, 1981
Ninth Mikhail Kasian, 1977

Each of the families of the victims, according to "Pinskdrev" received three million rubles. The company's management has offered to relatives and friends of the victims to help with travel to Brest and Minsk, where he is being treated.

The plant continues to work the commission to investigate the circumstances and causes.

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