Pinsk: When the boss left …

If a society man in a black cloak, which I asked for a light in the morning of the 26th, persistently asked me to leave a match made in Pinsk factory itself, and in the pack were several burnt matches, I realized that the Centre wants me to go to Pinsk. A transmitter in response to the crisis, terribly cracked, snapped, hissing and whistling, so get more guidance was not necessary. I had to be guided by intuition. But first it was necessary to cover his tracks, for which I went to the community minsk_by, ostensibly to invite himself to someone in the traveling companions. The proposal was, and he went by train, as the real agents in a car that drives on the first call, do not sit down.

Seeing through the six-plus hours of road green letter "P & H C K" in the dark, I mentioned the "green gruel overseas", which I was constantly accuses professor Bajnai, smiled and went looking for a brand new train station food item. Despite all the marbles, the high-gloss elements Teke and other upgrades carried out at the stations of many Belarusian cities, station eatery somehow remained virtually untouched changes. Although they are not often seen and blackened green with capelin eggs under zazhovklym mayonnaise, the basic principle of formation of the menu has remained the same: a minimum of vegetables and herbs, a minimum of dairy products, the lack of healthy food hot (no green or red soup or porridge with butter ), with a maximum of fatty, fried on the engine oil on cholesterol and rich dishes. Was no exception and eatery on the Pinsk railway station.

The picture is taken in a blog valery_brest_by — I heed to uncover his camera in peradsvitalnym bufetse not to betray his espionage entities, but the same pattern, with slight variations, you can see all railway stations of the country eatery. And these people are condemning McDonald's as a hotbed of obesity and gastritis!

How slow autumn flies in the air, sleeping saleswoman, who good-naturedly complains that she has hallucinations after a night at the counter. At one table drunken pair: girl, burning dyed brunette under six feet, and on her heels and all two meters in thin scanty shorts, purple tights and a light jacket dermatynavay (today referred to as unfit Muslim women are forced to wear the burqa or hijab to those who chided Europeans for these mini-shorts and tights in the cold, which they willingly or unwillingly forced to dress women), with its solid man of medium height in a solid leather jacket, a businessman or a bureaucrat from the prodigal look. He overdo the alcohol treat his companion, now chides him: "Oh, what are you drunk, eh? '. And trying to no longer helpless giantess coffee. The second table the company of young people — three boys and a girl. One of the guys obviously do not like that girl, and she is only one with the other, but it is his friend, so he just kurazhytstsa and vypendryvaetstsa, posing more drunk than he actually is. Somewhere spoiling for a fight, luhtsits nepadsyavanuyu nonsense, happy, seeing an encouraging smile on the girl's face (oh, those reassuring smile!). Its "rightful owner" recounts toast about a bird from the "Caucasian palonnitsy" all together laughing, as if he had just watched the film yesterday. And immediately drink. The third guy, wearing glasses, unlike the first two, like the others, that "the main thing here is not to drink, and the meaning of"!

Munching a hamburger with traditionally not very fresh patty, but with a fresh cucumber from the garden only thing you will not find in the capital VOKZALNAYA bufetse, I go outside to record on tape a secret message to the addressee that is not yet in pinchan destroyed craving for egalitaryzmu and collectivism. After all, morality toast about a bird, I tell the recorder, is as follows: "So let us drink to the fact that each one of us, no matter how high he raised no, never broke away from the group!"

Later, I often hear the outrage expressed by in conversations in public places, the fact that Laurent Arinich, CEO "Pinskdrev" is rumored to be resting on these days in China. Popular rumor prescribe it even stay at some cocktail party directly in the fire.

Not so much, whether it was in fact, important to note pinchan collective experience, which can be characterized by a familiar expression of Russian philosopher Vasily Rozanov — "When the boss left …". They feel abused, betrayed, abandoned one-on-one with the trouble. Power is experienced as something remote and secluded from the people. And this applies not only to the local authorities.

While waiting in the waiting room, where a light, I watched as she filled retirees. Some senior citizens, an army of retirees who got up at six chilly morning to go to plant garlic and so on. Avant-garde still support the current president, who personified the stability and care for his people.

"He cares about the people … Is concern for the people! "- Suddenly, the crowd sounds old -" Not a word, not a syllable us that Lukashenko did not say. As anywhere in Tmutarakan who dies, it sends condolences, and for us that, remember? Do not come here. Mourning has not been announced, entertainment programs as spinning and twisting. The money was given, what is the money? In Russia there are ten times more give, if that happens … "

And so on and so forth Angry speech was long, loud grandparents, the whole room hushed mentioned accumulated grievances. And no one thought to argue with them. Around just nods their heads. Unprecedented spectacle.

I ran outside to smoke and write a secret message for the recipient. Authorities zdurkavali and through that to lose a city where even children are now on the way to school and critically discuss indignantly omissions by the authorities (in this case was that the trial was stopped for the night and in the morning they learned from a dead man : what if he was still alive, why not continue to parse the night, arranging lighting?). And where is the alternative of force, ready to lend a shoulder care, "when the boss has gone"?

He loves to talk blogger sergei_d : «Where, where … In Karaganda in the central square »(« Where where … in Karaganda in the central square ").

To learn first-hand what people are doing alternative power, I looked in the office of the party "Fair World" in Pinsk, where Karl Marx himself ordered to fight for the proletariat. It looks like a "just world" too literally embraced the classic phrase, "When the proletariat should be its own thing." Pinsk representative of the Communist Party has recently been collecting signatures for … Vladimir Neklyaeva. Made me feel welcome, with a sincere desire to help with something, but in a conversation always gone with a topic that interested me, the problems of the election campaign and misunderstandings with the local representative of the BPF, which interested me much less.

(Lenin walks on the white-red-white carpet at the central square of Pinsk)

The perennial question of "who is to blame?" Me with a challenge, probably hoping to surprise and impress, said: "His Majesty's Capital". I was not going to challenge, but would like to know the details. Unfortunately, the details I have come to the wrong address.

As for the mood of the workers, they are described, as I said at the office of the party "Fair World" in one sentence: "Well, you know …". That was said party activist Mikhail Grigoryevich after his long-standing public clashes with Laurent Arinich. Workers thanked him — well, well, well done, not a coward! When he asked them — what do you, what were silent
? I'm in your interest … — Then they backed off, no fools.

I was planning to speak directly with the workers themselves, or so they think today — that there are no stupid stick out — if the reinsurance could cost lives (fatal flaws in the organization of the workshop ADI may occur in other shops). Workers had to come to the funeral of his colleagues in the restaurant "Pinsk Gentry", at the entrance to which I was waiting for them. And the funeral and burial in many cases acquired a political dimension. This particular case of the same number, because death is working in a factory — is rarely just a "tragic accident", more often — leadership crime, something did not finish, splurge on something in the pursuit of performance. So, workers simply have no right to this lower. So not to be ripped from elsewhere.

(This song is taken in the blog czy, dedicated to the miners who died in the town of Muddy, United States, and all the miners in the world. As in my opinion, will not be wrong to extend this dedication to all the workers who create the material world, risking their own lives.)

But I could not do it, I could not communicate with the workers' Pinskdrev. "

Budimir — the secret to: I was not myself when I saw this crowd of two hundred people, as if compressed into a briquette, which in silence slowly moved out of the bus to the restaurant "Pinsk Gentry." Black jacket, black cap, the darkened face, stooped shoulders, a kind of hopelessness and resignation. Before my eyes appeared a machine that haunted me all the time in Pinsk, prayazhzhayuchy for each new street that I was going out:

Following the work, the last coming on their own cars, went superiors, dressed more colors. Quite different — cheerfully and elastic, smiling ruzhavashchoka life. And I saw that he looks more like just happy for these bosses. Then I felt embarrassed and ashamed to sit at the same table with the funeral workers to climb them with questions, fishing the "information" about their opinions and sentiments. Especially since they were written in their figures.

In the upset feelings I went to a nearby diner to drink beer. At the next table enthusiastically twittering and chirping about something, carefree and cheerful guy with a girl. That's the same, I thought, going into a mug of beer, does not stop the eternal cycle of life, which, like yin and yang, are combined and intertwined love and death, joy and sorrow … At the diner, despite the fact that the saleswoman loudly indignant over the alleged recreation master Arinich in China and the reluctance of city officials to declare mourning loudly played some music radio. So they were outraged — shouting over it. So I do not hear it very well, as evidenced by supposedly loving young people, especially at first I did not listen. Then he decided to ask — do I have anything to report to the Centre.

Oh, these young people were not in love with each other! They were in love with … money and goods that can be bought for them. Does not an hour, stunned, stuck to his chair, I listened to their conversation. For all the time they may not say a word about something else. How can acquire as much a bit of everything at a salary of one million. Loans online auctions …

, — choking rush of emotion, the young man shared with his girlfriend. — "Here's the Club watch I bought on eBay for just twenty thousand! "

"Ah! Do not be! Here CO yes! "
— sincerely admired that.

"There's still so much to buy, so much ..! There is such a thing, place it in the faucet and out pours the water, like a stream of neon light. Doing hot or cold — the color changes, imagine! "

"Oooooh!" — argazmichna moaning girl.

Budimir — the secret to: "Product … — This is a simplified com forced to work, which in turn — spity, dehydrated purchased a piece of life. Goods dirty snow, vulkanichnym ashes slowly sink to life slepyachy, hiding, zneruhomlivayuchy, zadushvayuchy. Capital goods garbage on the heads of his subjects'. Thus spoke Multi wise czerniec. And before my eyes again, there was that nagging machine, only this time it was painted in different colors, decorated with lights, bells and bomchykami. Rode the same in the same direction. Bound hand and foot, abyazvolenym can be not only through the hard, monotonous work, alcohol abuse, marriage education and sources of information about the world, but quite the contrary …

Information for children and young people — what's behind the beautiful trinkets (podsmotreno blog isto4nik_zarazi)

…Back home, I tried again to turn on the transmitter. It's still terribly cracked, snapped, hissing and whistling. Over and out.

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