Poetry festival in Goroshkova

Today, the village Goroshkov Rechitskoye district conducted poetry festival "Spirit — it is the people I have." It is confined to51th anniversary of the birth of the famous countryman, the poet Anatoly Sys.

The holiday began in 12 hours by laying flowers at the monument to the Anatolia Sysuev garoshkavskih cemetery. There they buried him in May 2005 after the untimely death.

The path to the Sys.

Came to visit the creator of family, friends, admirers of the poet from Minsk, Gomel, Branches, Rechitza, Svetlahorsk.

Flowers poet (left sister Tamara).

At the grave of the poet in this year planted Edna.

Edna in the legs.

Sister of Anatolia Sys Tamara"We have Anatolia poem" At the foot of a mountain ash plant. " It is this Edna we planted, as he punished, in the fifth year. Thank you all! And I invite everyone to the yard to Anatole Sys. Come to us all. "

We're here, remember.

From the cemetery went to the community center Goroshkova where white-washed clean of his home is with a plaque to the poet and the continued celebration.

Opens holiday in the yard Sergei Sys.

A poem by Anatoly Sys "Spirit — is, people I", which gave the name of the current event, read a cousin and namesake of the poet by the name of Sergei Sys:

"I am the son of the Fatherland
Zavusya to the times
As the memory revolt of May.
Spirit — that is, people, Y.
In happiness or loneliness
I whispered wings in flight
Garoshkavskaga butterfly.
Spirit — that is, the people I have. "

Poetry festival at the courtyard of Anatolia Sys already held the sixth time in a row. And just to each of them are new references to the creator, studies, memories. There are new poems, skits. Even found a narrative that Anatoly wrote in his younger years.

Dasledchytsa the Polish Belastokskaga UniversityAlina Vavrenyuk dedicated work of the Belarusian poet master's thesis: "Anatoly Sys — the poet's tragic fate."

Polish documentary filmed second film about the poet, called "Sys of Sys." This film is presented today in Goroshkova.

Poems on the patio reading Sys Larisa Romanova, Vadim Bolbas, Gennady Lopatin.

Poetry reading Vadim Bolbas.

According to Larisa Romanova.

By the holiday came and book Leonid Golubovicha "Sys and corridors." The author was unable to attend today Goroshkov. But handed the book to a symbolic inscription: "To the museum in Anatolia Sys Goroshkova."

Sergei Sys"Over the years, that there is no Anatolia, there were a lot of things, a lot of publications related to his life. And they can be the basis of the memorial museum in memory of Anatolia.

Students in the yard. In the foreground — the poet's sister, Tamara.

The museum was to support Rechitskoye and cultural district, he would bring honor and glory. On the other hand, it would be important for the education of the young generation. After all, Anatoly devotedly loved and most homeland — Belarus, and his peas. This is important in many aspects. And so the authorities needed to look closely, to meet and take first the house for at least the balance.

The sisters are ready to work in a museum disinterested. But you first need to save this house, it's a legacy that's left is enriched every year. "

Acts Ales Bialiatski.

Social activist, member of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Bialiatski believes that Anatoly Sys was phenomenal controversial figure of our time — both as a poet and as a public figure. This combination gave the fruits of his work:

"People love his poetry, people value, I would say that those basic things that he put into his work. As I see it, is the respect for the mother tongue, the Belarusian culture. And it is a manifestation of that freedom of personal "I" — that which is now in very short supply in the Belarusian society. "

Anatolia would be 51.


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