Police established in Primorye movement of cars in places flooding roads

 Police in Primorye put extra clothes and arranged uninterrupted movement of cars in the field of roads flooding after prolonged rains, causing the output of the banks of rivers and streams, according to the Russian Interior Ministry control over the edge.

After heavy rains about seven hundred people were in Primorye area flooding. On Saturday in the province remains out of water on floodplains and some road sections with a total length of municipal significance to 3.5 kilometers. 38 remain flooded basements, as well as 298 private holdings and gardens. Flooding in areas of 685 people. Due to the elements over a thousand people in ten villages eve without electricity. Flood damaged 14 bridges in the three districts of Primorye. Rescuers on Friday from the flood zone were evacuated by helicopter 28 tourists, cut off from home and enter the track.

"As a result of rising water levels in the rivers of Primorye in Partyzanski, Dalnerechensk and Chuguevka areas there was a partial blurring of road fabric", — stated in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Notes that to inform drivers and residents about the possible threat of flooding and the organization smooth traffic in the guerrilla zones in villages and Novolitovka Sergeyevka in Chuguyivske area on highway "Cleaning — Samarka", the 110-kilometer highway "Dalnerechensk — Ariadne" exhibited more dress traffic police police.

"In place of flooding emergencies and accidents are not allowed. Threats to the lives and health of people living in and motorists not. Officers shall take all necessary measures to ensure the protection of public order and traffic safety", — the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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